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Why Your Blogging is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

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When blogging, in the beginning, it can seem like it will take forever for Google to notice your blog.  It can take a matter of days, weeks, months or longer before Google decides to index your site.  Unfortunately, only Google knows what it’s doing and why.  So right away this could be one issue that you are dealing with.  Blogging isn’t meant to be an overnight sensation as it takes time to get noticed.  If this is where you are at, then just stick with what you are doing and you’ll eventually get there.  If you are past this point and still not quite hitting the mark, let’s reveal the issues that could be causing this for you and show you how to fix them.

Drive traffic to your site

1)- Where’s the traffic? – If traffic is an issue for you, you have to review what you are doing and make corrections to bring about more traffic.  You need to do more than just creating content, you need to promote to social media throughout the week multiple times a day at least 5 days a week minimum to really get attention.  If all you do is create content, it will take longer.  Daily engagement with social media is imperative. 

You should be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Tumblr at the minimum. 

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A note about Tumblr – as I don’t have it on my list in the above-mentioned post, Tumblr gets a ton of posts on a daily basis.  It’s recommended to post as often as you can.

Some more tips on traffic:

a)- Freebies – You should also offer some Freebies on your site as that helps develop popularity.  People love free stuff.

b)- Keywords – Are you doing effective keyword research to help bring about organic traffic?


2)- What are you promoting? – In addition to your content, what products and services are you promoting?  This can make a difference.  You don’t want to make the mistake I did and take significant amount of time to learn that it could be what you are promoting.  This can make a bigger difference in your progress than you may think.  I never got any subscribers until I made specific changes that were far more attractive to my readers.  Since the content you are writing is focused on what you are promoting, this is a crucial matter to think about.

Consider these:

a)- Out of date– Is there anything you are offering that while you may feel are of good quality, are they out of date?  Items such as PLR Products (Private Label Rights), these can be good but can get dated after a while.

b)- Your Focus – Perhaps you should change your focus and still stay within the niche market you are in.  that is also what I did and can make a huge difference in your progress.  Find an option that works for you and is of higher and better demand.


3)- Your Blog or Website – The old saying – “Maybe it’s you?”  I will tell you that I’ve been on many sites, and if I even don’t like the looks of the site, it’s like “I’m gone”.  The looks, design, style & layout of a site is very important and can make either a good or bad impression on your visitors.  Is your site eye catching?  Is it laid out well?  How’s your copywriting?  How are the insides?  These are questions you need to concern yourself with.  You have to realize that all the pages of your website or blog itself is content too. 

a)- Is your site eye catching? – An eye-catching site makes a big difference.  You need a site that is very professional looking.  Basically, if you take the time to develop a site that looks good, that kind of effort will shine through in the content you’d be presenting.

b)- Is your site laid out well? – A site that is laid out well, will make it easy for your visitors to find what they need.  You want a smooth experience with your readers. 

c)- How’s your copywriting? – Your content is your life blood with your blog.  If you don’t have much experience in copywriting, taking the time to gain knowledge in this area will pay off in huge dividends.  Check out:  7 Good Copywriting Tips For Beginners.

d)- How are the insides? – Yes, how is the inner workings of your website or blog?  Mainly speaking of your plugins.  This is just as important as what is going on the outside of the blog.  Do you have the following to start with:  Security, Email marketing, theme or plugins to create your theme?  I highly recommend the following plugins:

OptinMonster– for email marketing.  You’ll notice a real difference in your marketing with this plugin.

Wordfence Security – Best plugin to protect your site from attacks.  Has both Free and Pro versions.  You can find Wordfence Security in the wordpress repository.

Themeco– A good plugin for themes that offer multiple versions.  We’re an affiliate of Themeco and I highly recommend it. 

These are just some of the main ones to consider when it comes to the inner workings of your website or blog.  Everyone’s needs can differ but what you put into your site can make a difference.  Even having to many plugins can affect the sites performance and bring about a loss in traffic.

Creating content ideas

4)- Your Routine – You need a consistent, persistent dedicated effort on a daily basis to build, develop and maintain a successful Internet business.  You can’t afford to do a little bit today and return to it in 3 or 4 days later and get back into it or take 3 weeks off and return to it.  It’s like any other career effort, you have to keep at it.  You can do the first 3 I mentioned perfectly and skip on this one item and sink your ship before you get out of the harbor. 

a)- Goal Setting – Try to set some goals and an actual schedule for what you do each day.  This will make a dynamic impact on your efforts.  I have two suggestions for you on this.  1, Asana.com and 2, Goalscape.  Both will make a big difference in setting goals for your efforts.

b)- Research – You would be surprised on the impact that research has on both your content creation as well as the rest of your efforts.  If you skimp on this, it will show through.


I’ve went over 4 different categories that can make a huge impact on your internet / affiliate marketing efforts.  There are other ones, but these are what I see as the most important ones.  How important your views and focus are on this will determine how successful you end up being.  Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing takes work and dedication. 

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