Why work from home appeals to me

Why work from home is appealing

Have you ever thought of working from home?  I am not talking about being able to telecommute for your job.  I mean actually having a work from home career to replace that job you may already have?  This can be done.  So lets first talk about why it’s appealing (to me especially). 

My desire to work from home dates back probably at least 20 years ago give or take.  It all started when I discovered wordpress.com which blew my mind.  Now in my opinion, wordpress.com was much better back then compared to now, but hey, that’s for a different post.  As time went on, my desire grew and grew. 

For me, my appeals were:

  1.  The benefit of not leaving the house.
  2.  I am my own boss
  3.  I make my own schedule.
  4.  More lucrative income

Do Research.

Do plenty of research into the type of business you want to have.  You want to know anything and everything about your chosen business.  I recommend affiliate marketing as it’s the easiest business to implement.  Virtually at little or no cast to get started, not counting creating a website.  The more you know the better prepared you’ll be. 

You’ll want to research the product and/or programs that you may be interested in for your affiliate marketing business. 

Advantages are as follows:


Now, for me these were my appeals.  Everyone is different and everyone has their own paths to follow.  With a work from home business there is a ton of flexibility, working when you want.


  But with this type of business, comes responsibility.  You have to be dedicated to the cause and persevere.

You’re the boss:

 Unlike a job where you have supervisors and bosses peering over your shoulder or always on your back, you would not have that with a work from home business.  You’d be peering over your own shoulder as it were. 

No Unemployment:

Once your business reaches a certain level of success, the subject of unemployment will fade from your future.  As long as you maintain a successful level of business, this won’t be an issue for you at all.

Vehicular Costs:

No more wear and tear on your car and your gas tank will thank you.  You won’t be driving to and from  that job you had after you get your business operating at a successful level.  This can be a huge savings which you can poor back into your business for things like advertising.


Unlike going through the process of finding another job, and not to mention going through the hectic interviewing process, you can totally bypass this by starting an affiliate marketing business or some other work from home business.  There is plenty of vacancies for this type of opportunity.

The Reality.

This all sounds good doesn’t it, well keep in mind that your success depends upon you the work from home business owner.  If you are not a dedicated, responsible person that is able to work toward goals, then this may not be for you.  If you are thinking of pursuing a work from home business, do it on the side first before quitting your job.

Get your feet dirty and have your sleeves rolled up before diving head first into a homebased business. They are just like any other business except it’s ran out of your home.  Though there can be tax advantages with these types of advantages and that is for another post as well.

Now, here are some disadvantages:

Operational costs:

Eventually, you may start to run into situations where it’s necessary to add things to your business such as advertising.  Plus if you purchase products to be able to either sell or give as free samples.  Depending upon how you have your website setup, when you get one, you’d have hosting and domain fees.  These are costs that are necessary in keeping your business running.  As you grow, these could grow as well.  As far as products and/or samples are concerned, don’t start hoarding the product to have on hand.  Only have on hand enough to cover what you project that you’d need.  The warehouses that have the product are just a phone call away.


As you grow, your workload may get to an unworkable level for you, thus making it necessary for you to find help.  Whether it be family, friends or hiring people to do the added work load.  This is a likely reality as you grow your business.  While I am listing this as a disadvantage, this can be considered a good thing as it’s showing how successful you are.  You just have to be willing to get help to lighten your load.


As you grow and grow, your demand for time will grow too.  This can either be a good thing or a bad thing on how you manage your time.  You may need to start using an app to help you manage your time with your business.  There are plenty available on the internet.  There is an app called Asana that can be downloaded to your smartphone.  I use this one and it’s really easy to use and best of all it’s FREE.  I listed Time as a disadvantage as it can get the best of you if you’re not careful.  But it can also be an advantage depending upon your ability to make use of it.

Want more information?

So, where are you at this point?  Have you decided to jump in?  Do you want to learn more?  I mentioned earlier that I highly recommend affiliate marketing as the opportunities are bountiful and there are many products and programs available.  The best way to get more information and start your journey into affiliate marketing without any obligations is to sign up for our FREE Lessons.  You’ll get information sent to your inbox that you can unsubscribe at anytime if you feel it’s not for you.

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