What (Really) Goes Into Digital Marketing That Works

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Overall, Digital Marketing and Affiliate marketing comes under the same umbrella of digital marketing.  Digital Marketing is where you drive traffic to your site to sell the digital products that you are promoting.  Where as Affiliate Marketing is where you are driving traffic to other company’s websites to potentially earn a commission for the products and programs you are promoting.

The logic between the two are very similar, the basic difference between the two would be the links you are sharing to drive the traffic.  With affiliate marketing, you’d be sharing your affiliate link.  Where as with your own digital products, you’d be sharing links to your own site that reference the products you are promoting.

What's important?

So, for the purpose of this post, let’s discuss what really goes into Digital Marketing:

1)- Locate your audience – Learn where your audience hangs out online.  This is crucial.  You need to find out all the possible locations where your audience hangs out.  This will increase your accessibility to your audience.   How do you do this?  A)- thoroughly research all channels and how they operate, B)-Let technology be your friend to deepen your insights.  A very powerful and empowering tool to help you in this area is AffiloTools.  Check it out for more details.  AffiloTools is brought to you by Affilorama.com.

2)- Boost your visual marketing capabilities – Improve what you are promoting by making it more eye catching.  Your images, posts, and any videos.   Create live videos and create a youtube channel.  Make your digital marketing more engaging.

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3)- Make it mobile – I’ve said this before, make sure your site is mobile friendly.  A huge portion of the internet is on mobile phones.  Your SEO plugin should be able to help accommodate this.

4)- Filenames – Any image, pdf, or e-book files should include a search engine phrase to help improve your search engine rankings.  Such an example would be like digital_marketing_tip1.jpb.  This is a crude example but it works.  Even your video files should be saved like this.  Anything that can improve your organic search results.  Basically, having keywords as part of your filenames.

5)- Encourage Email signups – Regardless of the type of online marketing you are doing, encouraging people to sign up for your email newsletter is crucial not only for your efforts but also for your readers benefits as well.  With your email software, you’ll want to personalize your newsletters to make them more personally appealing.  Having an email opt-in box on your blog as soon as your blog is available for your readers is imperative for your own progress. 

Merry Christmas!

6)- Holidays – Up your efforts during the holidays for those products and programs you are promoting.  The holidays are a great time of year for your promotions and should not be overlooked. 

7)- Do Research – No matter the type of online marketing you are doing, don’t skimp on research.  The more you know, the more it will show through to your readers.  Doing research and having the data to support your findings is very empowering not only for you but for your readers too.  The more research you do, the more your readers will be able to know that they can count on you as a valuable source of information.  Such as evolving into a person of influence.

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8)- Do good SEO – Search Engine Optimization applies to a lot of things.  Applying Keywords, inserting an Excerpt for your post or site description & adding links to your content.  These are just a number of items involved in SEO.  Working with SEO is important no matter the type of online marketing you are doing.  I highly recommend either SEOPress or All In One SEO, bot are found in the wordpress repository.

9)- PLR Products – Private Label Products are a good way to make use of proven materials to boost your sales and influence.  You have to be very careful in not providing outdated content with PLR products.  As there is a shelf life with these items.  As they become outdated, you could run the risk of providing digital products that have lessen in value due to time. 

Check out:  Things You Need To Know About PLR Products.

PLR Products do have their place, it depends upon your priorities and how or if they should be apart of your product list you are promoting.

10)- Define your goals – Yes, like any other business, you need to define your goals.  Know what you want to achieve is important.  Like drawing a road map to where you want to go.  Like how many signups do you want to get this month?  How many conversions to you want this month?  How much traffic do you want to see?  These are crude examples but they do get the point across.  As you define your goals, you should define mini goals that are steps for each goal to be achieved.


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