What (Really) Goes Into Affiliate Marketing That Works

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I previously went over digital marketing which is where you drive traffic to your site referencing the products that you are promoting.  Whereas Affiliate Marketing is where you are driving traffic to other company’s websites to potentially earn a commission for the products and programs you are promoting.

The logic between the two are very similar, the basic difference between the two would be the links you are sharing to drive the traffic.  With affiliate marketing, you’d be sharing your affiliate link.

So, for the purpose of this post, let’s discuss what really goes into Affiliate Marketing:

1)- Find the right products and programs – Don’t skimp on researching what programs and/or products to promote with your business.   They do matter and you want those with the right fit with your niche and blog.  Your effort in researching the right ones will pay off down the road.  It does pay to be picky in this case.  You also want to be careful as there are scams out there.

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2)- Know what you’re promoting – While you did (or should have) research your products and programs, you should take the time to review them to know them so you can come across your readers as like you really know about them.  Plus, you’d be able to respond to any questions should they arise.  Remember you long term goal is to become a person of influence.

3)- Promote often – Promote your affiliate link often, so as to drive traffic to your company’s website to earn affiliate income.  Consistent and frequent posting is good, but promoting really ups y our game.  The more exposure you give yourself, the better your chances for commissions.  Take the time to create promotions for each day of the week.  I do every day but Sundays.

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4)- Know Your Audience – Now, while it’s important to know your audience, I am suggesting that you go to the next step, what are their needs?  What are they after?  How can you help them?  This is more than just understanding what niche they are in.

5)- One Niche – Multi tasking is a great skill, but not when it comes to the niche you operate in.  Stick with only one niche, especially if you are new.  There is a lot to learn and it does take time.  I’ve covered this before and expanding to more than one niche could end up making you look foolish.  Sticking with one niche can make it easier to focus on that niche.  Now as you evolve and become more experienced and knowledgeable and have had your share of success with your niche, then you can consider expanding to another niche. 

While you have one niche, you can and should have multiple sources of income by having more than one product or program being promoted in your blog.  As an example, we offer in areas of website design, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.  These are all made available through the companies we are affiliated with.

6)- Offer what you believe in – This is huge, that you should only offer what you believe in and what fits or works with your niche / blog.  It has to make sense to your readers as why would they be interest in a product or program that has nothing to do with your niche?

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7)- Write, write & write – Yes, consistently write content and have it scheduled to post on the days you want your posts going out.  Be consistent and persistent about this as your content will be the source of your success as the more you share, the more you’ll get.  In the form of organic visitors and then, signups and then conversions.  What is a blog without good quality content?  Without good quality content, you’d be asking “where are my visitors?”   Don’t find yourself asking that question and keep your fingers typing.

8)- You power – Dedicate your time and don’t quit.  Affiliate marketing is an ongoing process that requires a persistent consistent effort.  You have to make up your mind to be unstoppable and go for it.  How bad do you wan this?  Any business you go after takes time.  Acquiring skills and knowledge takes time and is a necessary component of affiliate marketing.  What you know 2 or 3 years down the road of time is more than you started with in the beginning.  And the same is true after 5 to 10 years.  This all leads you into becoming a person of influence.  If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, stopping or quitting is not an option.

To learn more about passive income, check out Affilorama’s Pathway to Passive a resource for developing a passive income – https://www.affilorama.com/pathwaytopassive?aff=bisky1


Never stop learning and acquiring skills and knowledge as it’s the fuel that keeps your engine running.   If you are willing to learn, you’re going to earn.

You can follow some of the same tips that go into Digital Marketing.

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