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What Is Influencer Marketing And Why Should You Care

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Influencers are those who are top in their niche and can have a higher influence on brand awareness.  So, what is influencer marketing?  Influencer marketing is where companies collaborate with online influencers to market one of their products or services.  This is also why it’s a crucial goal to achieve as an affiliate marketer as you’ll be come more recognized in your niche.

Promoting using influencer marketing.

There are many advantages to promoting with influencers in your niche, but there are also some disadvantages to be aware of as well.  So, if you are considering using influencers to market your products, here are some advantages to keep in mind and some are:

See through the lies

a)- Establishing credibility and trust – which is relied upon with an ongoing relationship with the influencer and customer.

b)- Expand your reach – By using influencers, you can expand your reach as you are taking advantage of the influencer’s volume of customers as well as the influencers social proof.

c)- Audiences – With using influencers, you’d be able to reach audiences that are appropriate and relevant to your niche.  You wouldn’t have to be concerned about reaching people who are not looking for what you are offering.

These were some of the advantages, now here are some disadvantages to consider:


a)- Be choosy – Make sure you are working with the right influencers as you’ll want to make sure that your brand lines up with the influencer’s own ideals and customer base.  Influencers are not all created equal.

b)- Negatively impact your brand image – With the wrong influencer you could either loose control of your brand image from all the work you’ve done or even incur a negative impact on your brand image.  Especially if you’ve chose an influencer who is not to compatible with your brand.

c)-Very Risky – You are taking a high risk in aligning with a influencer especially if you haven’t done your research.  Lining up with the wrong influencer can be costly especially if you put a lot of work and spent a large amount of money aligning your brand with an influencer.  You never know what they’ll do tomorrow or the next day.

New to influencer marketing.

If this is something you are not that knowledgeable on, then you should do some research on this subject before attempting this kind of marketing. Especially since you’d want to know who you are working with as your prospective influencer. Brand Image.

As an example, our brand image is strictly affiliate marketing even though we partner with other companies to be able to provide affiliate marketers with resources to help support their needs.  This is also why it’s crucial to confirm the brand image of a potential influencer before using them.  Even though we partner with different companies, such as those for email marketing for example, that doesn’t mean that our brand image is email marketing.

Best recommendation.

If you are considering marketing and promoting with an influencer, it would be to your best advantage to not only do your diligence in researching your potential influencer but to also establish a relationship with the influencer first.  Like any relationship, you’d want to get to know them.

LinkedIn Influencer Marketing.

Like other social media, you can find at least 10 marketing influencers on LinkedIn and is one of the most popular lead generating networks for both B2B and B2C. 

Person of influence

How have influencers changed marketing.

As per, how marketing has changed:

Marketers need to create strategic campaigns that not only condition consumers to feel positively toward the brand, but that also appeal to the consumer’s specific value systems. And one of the best ways to do this is to seek out one or more influencers to support the brand.

Influencer marketing trends.

Here are some trends to be watchful about in influencer marketing:

1)- An increased Importance on Following Favored Creators Across Numerous Platforms

2)- Text and Images are evolving to Audio and Video Content

3)- As newer social media sites become available, so will newer influencers will arise as will

Becoming a person of influence.

If becoming a person of influence is something that fits your goals, you can make this happen.  It does take time to achieve this.  This is a good long term goal to strive for.

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Influencer marketing is vastly becoming an important part of online / affiliate marketing and is something we all need to be more knowledgeable on.  If you would like to receive updates from and gain access to more proven methods, sign up for our FREE Lessons Newsletter now.

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