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What Is Evergreen Content And Should It Be Part Of Your Blogging Strategy

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Do you like the idea of any content you create can be used year after year?  That’s the overall benefit of having evergreen content.  So, what is the definition of evergreen content?

Definition:  Evergreen content is content that does not expire or go out of date.

Imagine never having to update your content to ensure it can be used time and time again.  That is the benefit of having content that is green. 

Here are some benefits or advantages of evergreen content:

Branding – It can help you develop as a brand.  It will increase your brand’s authority and reputation and help increase traffic to your website.

Rankings – Google loves Evergreen Content

Less work – Reduces the need to update content saving you lots of time

Backlinks – Can improve website backlinks which improves SEO

To the future.

Good Evergreen Content needs to be relevant and stand up to the test of time.  Obviously if how you do something today is different 10 years from now, then of course you’d have to update that information and that would not be true evergreen content.

Relevance is the key here for good evergreen content. 

Go Green

Should you go Green?

Should this be something you should be concerned about?  The answer is “yes”.  The long-term benefits of content that is green will save you lots in work, time, traffic and relevancy.  It does take a little extra work in ensuring your content is evergreen. 

How to go about creating content that is evergreen:

Keyword Research – You want to be careful here in finding keywords that matter to your audience.  This also help in driving organic traffic to your site.  You want keywords with significant volume and pages that rank highest to see if they are receiving sufficient traffic.  You need to understand long term trends about the traffic and Google Trends can help you there.

Quality – Is your content well written, easy to read and optimized?

Good SEO – After applying good keyword research, are you using a SEO type plugin to assist with your keywords and other edits on your site?  Two plugins I recommend are SEOPress and All In One SEO both of which are available in the wordpress repository. 

How Long?

Time Sensitive – Don’t use words that can date the content you are writing such as this year or last year etc.  Remember that this content is to last from year to year in relevance.

Passions – Write about what you love to do (your passions).  Check out:  Advantages Of Loving What You Do and my podcast – Episode 5 – Doing What You Love.

Tips on ensuring Evergreen:

You Rankings – you’ll want to monitor your Google Rankings to make sure there has been no downward trends in your rankings

Maintenance – You’ll want to make sure your posts are relevant and you may need to update as needed.  This pertains to any statistics or broken link in your posts.  Any changes you make should be re-published and re-shared via social media again to bring about renewed interest which would increase your rankings.  It helps to have a plugin that “auto publishes” for you such as blog2social which is in the wordpress repository.

Green pays

In a nut shell.

Anything you write about should be true and current and stand the course of time.  As pointed out you want to avoid any reference to time.  This post is a basic beginner’s sense on this topic.  If someone finds your post 10 to 15 years from now, your content should still be true.  That’s what you want to ensure when writing content that holds up to being evergreen.

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