What is Blogging? And Why Should You Car

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Let’s first ask what is Blogging?  Blogging refers to the writing, and creation of photography, and other media that’s self-published. Blogging started as a means for individuals to write journal-style entries online, but it has evolved into websites for many businesses for both personal and companies.

Blogging can cover a wide range of interests, passions and businesses that most anyone can take advantage of.  Businesses include homebased type businesses and companies that utilize blogging on their websites.

Creating content ideas

In a nutshell, blogging can fall under 3 different categories and they are personal, businesses and companies.  The difference between businesses and companies is pretty much self-explanatory as the businesses are started by someone and companies manage their own blog.  I have a great suggestion for those interested in starting a blog, and I will mention it later.

No Experience Required.

Blogging really doesn’t require any experience if being done for personal reasons.  This requirement would only apply if you are wanting to blog for a company that has a blog.  If you know how to type, that is half the battle. 

Other than for working for a company, blogging can be self-taught as that is how I learned.  I started blogging long before I had an online business.  I blogged because I was a runner and wanted to share my running experiences.

For those who are business minded.

Whether you are going to have your own online business or working for a company doing blogging, you’ll be concerned about good copywriting skills.  Below are some helpful tips to assist you.

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Blogging without a blog.

This can be done and people do it every day.  Simply share or post directly to social media.   As for those who are business minded, such as affiliate marketers, you can share your affiliate marketing Id with your posts.  Just create an account on a social media site like Twitter and start posting. 

The BIG disadvantage of not having a landing page, website or blog is you miss out on the power of automation.  If you have your own blog or website, it’s like your front door to your store and it’s equipped with a Opt-In button to sign up for your newsletter, and other pages with pertinent information about your business and what you offer.

You can also publish to other sites like forums, communities, Youtube and more.  It’s not fundamentally required to have a website but it is recommended.  If you don’t know how or don’t want to take the time to have one, that is okay and you can proceed without one.  Just do Marketing research and promote your business.


Blog or no blog.

So whether or not you choose to create a blog or website, you can get more help in Affiliate Marketing, check out Affilorama’s Free Affiliate Marketing Lessons.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge keep you from going as far as you can with what you want to do.  If you need to go it with a blog for now, that’s awesome, you can start one anytime. 

Your Why

Why should you care?

Blogging covers a wide range and vast area of passions and needs on the internet.  Sharing what you love doing or writing about a particular niche you are promoting can help others with similar interests and needs.  For those blogging for personal reasons, you never know how much your content would mean to others with similar interests.  For those who are business minded, what you promote can make a difference for others searching in your niche for their needs.

If you are blogging for personal reasons or interests, you never know that interest of yours can evolve right into a money-making business.  The sky is the limit with blogging.  Regardless why you blog, you can learn a lot with the research you do which can be crucial as you pursue your blogging journey.

What not to do.

It’s best not to take advantage of any sites that offer free content for you to use on your website.  Google actually penalizes you for this.  Google prefers that you create your own content.  If you don’t care about this issue, then by all means use it.  I stopped doing this when I realized that.

Want to start blogging?

If you are wanting to start your own blog, don’t let a simple thing called access and know how keep you from it.  In addition to affiliate marketing, Timabeck.com makes it easy for anyone to jump in and create their own website or blog.  As Automation for a business is essential for any online business, having a website would really help ramp things up a bit for you.  Now if having an online business isn’t quite what you have in mind, that’s no problem either.

We have a great solution for those wanting to create a free website or blog.  We created a sample site using Webstarts.com and it’s really easy to do.  See for yourself in what Webstarts.com can do for you.

Keeping with the idea that many people who get interested in blogging may have never created their own site, that is why we partnered with Webstarts.  We created a sample site for you to take a look at to see what kind of a site can be created.  It’s very good quality and easy to use. It’s not completely finished, but it’s done that way for you to see what goes where.  See our Sample site to see what you can do.  You’ll see that there is no reason to put off creating a website.

 You can create one for free with Webstarts.com.  They have a lot to offer in addition to premium options to help further your efforts.  I highly recommend Webstarts.com to get your online presence established.  In the beginning there is nothing better than Free in starting your online business.  You can upgrade as you see fit when that time comes.

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