What A Current Popular TV Show Can Teach You About Affiliate Marketing

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You’d be amazed of all the solutions that can be found literally right in front of you and you don’t know it.  It’s always recommended to see how the Pro’s do it.   A good example would be how TV shows hook you and keep you coming back.  Popular TV shows with millions of viewers get hooked all the time and that’s because they know what they are doing to get you. 

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Find a show that you really like such as The Bachelor and see how the show is.  All the shows you watch are about the ending.  Where is it heading? 

About the ending.

The end result, objective or why you are embarking on this journey.  The Pro’s know about all of this and can entice you and keep you coming back.

So, consider developing the end of your post first and then by doing this you’ll find that it will help you with the beginning and the middle of the post. 

Try watching an on going show and see how each episode ends or even check out the Bachelor.

The ending of a post is the most important part you are presenting to your readers.  It’s like a reader starts reading your post as if they came in the front door and when they reach the end of the post, they are getting ready to leave.  Once they leave, you’ve lost your opportunity.

Consider writing a post series that teases your audience in making them wanting more.  Let them know what they can expect in the forth coming post in the series.

Promoting excitement

Give it right away.

Your opening paragraph or introduction is like developing a very warm front door.  You readers take in what you are mentioning.  Your introduction should be more than about what you are promoting to your readers.  You should give them a really good tip or some helpful hot advice.  By doing this, you’ll wet their appetite for more with the tips you are providing within your post.  So, by the time they get through the post and reach the end, they are ready for what you are offering.

It’s like you are building up for your conclusion that will bring about a eye catching and very desirable CALL TO ACTION. 

The meat of the matter.

After you get past the introduction, you’re now giving your readers what they want or at lease I hope you are.  I say this as you should have done your due diligence in research to provide the tips that your readers need.  At this point you are in the middle of the post where all the good stuff is that your audience can sink their teeth into.


1)- Content Guidance – Check out what I provided above, the link to Affilorama’s content section and you can access it here –  Affilorama’s Content Creation section.

2)- Create Pillar or Series posts – You can create your content to link to other posts in your blog or have a series on the subject you are writing about.  A pillar post gets your readers to see other content you have that is related to what you are writing about. 

3)- Read your post out loud – After you finish even a section of your post, read it back to yourself.  I do this all the time and it is a great way to catch errors or even if it doesn’t sound right.  It’s better to catch things before it’s published.  You’d be surprised on how much I see on the Internet where other bloggers didn’t take the time to review their work.

This is another very effective way of proofreading your work.  You want your work to be as perfect as possible before publishing it.  It would be a shame to do all that research and writing to lose any potential sales due to a poorly written post.  What you say and how you say it is important.

4)- Use multiple sources – Don’t rely on one source for all your research.  It’s best to get a sampling or consensus among sources of the research you are doing for your content.  This is especially recommended if it’s on a topic you are not as knowledgeable on.  You may actually encounter information that is out of date or even fake news.  This is another reason why it is recommended to get a consensus of what you are reading.

Go Green

5)- Easy to understand – Don’t make your readers work for what they are searching for.  Come down to their level and make things easier for them to grasp.  They are not stupid and are just searching for what they need.  If you make it too difficult, they’ll likely to jump ship on you.  A lot of times, people are in a hurry and won’t tolerate complicated solutions.


There’s the introduction that entices your appetite for more information along with other helpful openers.  Then there’s the main body of the post.  Both of which sets you up for the conclusion.  The conclusion is the most important part as pointed out for like the Bachelor and other shows.  Granted this post isn’t a show but you are still getting information you searched for. 

Writing killer sales copy is a must and the way to do it is right in front of you.  Affilorama.com has all you need to know is accomplishing it.  To get the job done right, there’s a lot more to writing a blog post than just simply writing one.  There’s a lot of technique that goes into it that can make a huge difference on the outcome of the sale.  Since all your interaction with potential customers is visual, what you say, write and display makes a huge difference.

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