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Ultimate Suggestions In Starting Your Own Affiliate Store, Website Or Blog

There can be a high urge among some affiliate marketers to have their very own product store “in house” in case they run into someone or to draw people to their house to purchase products.  That is ok, but there are problems associated with doing that and I’ll go over that shortly.  The very best location for your affiliate product store is of course, online.  Sometimes pride and passion can get in the way when making decisions like this.  What may seem like a good idea can be costly.

So let’s go over some do’s and don’ts, starting with the don’ts:


  1.  Have a in house store to sell products
  2.  Have a HUGE inventory at home
  3.  Advertise your home as your place of business.


  1.  Have SOME inventory at home just in case
  2.  Have an ONLINE store to automate your business
  3.  Make use of flyers with pull tabs to pass around local business who have bulletin boards – you should ask permission to post.

These were just some of the do’s and don’ts to be concerned about.  A lot of affiliate marketing is mostly online, but there can be some with products to sell that you could have at home.  Be careful though which type of companies you choose that have products, as you would not want to do anything with a distributorship as you could be charged with a great deal of money to have lots of products on hand.


Most of your effort should be online as this is the best place to have your affiliate marketing business.  While your watching the back of your eye lids at night (sleeping), you’ll be making sales without even talking to a single customer.  You don’t want to have a HUGE inventory at your house as you never know if there could be changes to products, drop in prices, and what if you can’t sell any of the products you stocked up on?  You’d be taking a loss, and while you’d wonder why that would happen, it could as you never know.  Also if you are going to be online, then that address is where you’d want to focus on for your address and not your home.  All your primary attention should be the website address for your business.  You wouldn’t have too much room for a lot of people parking their cars at your house, but with a website address, parking is definitely not an issue.  Unless one’s mouse dies but that’s a matter of a battery.

Now at this point if are scratching your head realizing that you don’t have a website, don’t fret.  We have all the solutions for you to get past this rut through Affilorama as I am an affiliate and they have what you need to get it done. 

Here are some really HOT solutions for you to take advantage of:

Affilorama Free Membership – Users have access to over a 100 FREE Lessons and other stuff to make use of in furthering their affiliate marketing business.  I highly recommend this one to get yourself started especially with all the resources available.  At the very least, go with this one if you can’t do the other options.  This is a great place to start.

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Affilotheme – gives you a complete solution for creating a highly profitable affiliate website to super charge your affiliate marketing business. This theme takes the confusion out of monetization, makes website design easy and is optimized for SEO.*- Affilotheme comes included in Affilojetpack, which I’ll talk about later.

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Affilotools – gives you access to a suite of cloud-based SEO, PPC and market research software.  You can try this one for free, so this is another one to grab onto.

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These are just some of the awesome options available vis Affilorama that can have a huge impact on your affiliate marketing business. 

Whether you’re building a store, website or blog, Affilorama has your back and so do I!  Now, if you want to drastically reduce the time it takes to build a website, store or blog, there is another high powered option that will set you a blaze.

This option is….

Affilojetpack – Takes the confusion out of content creation and quickly builds optimized affiliate that convert which means you make sales a lot quicker.  This option includes Affilotheme mentioned above.

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I’ve given you a lot of information here and it’s natural to be on the fence.  But when it comes to creating your online real estate you want the best you can get at an affordable price.  Affilorama is one of the best, and if not the best affiliate marketing company on the internet and that is why I am affiliate of them and making them available to you.  At the very least, I hope you checked out the links above for the options I mentioned.  With the tools available to you, there is no reason to be held back in creating your website, store, or blog.  Lack of tools and knowledge keeps a lot of people from achieving their dreams, and you have that access. 

Which way to go.

We all like options, and the ones outlined here are awesome and can aide  you greatly in creating an online presence. 

Two many options can make one confused as to make a decision, but the above options have the potential to set you a fire, the kind of blaze needed to set you apart from the rest.  If you are still on the fence, then I highly recommend If you haven’t already done so, sign up for our FREE Lessons and you’ll have access to more information on Affilorama.  Our FREE Lessons give you a ton of information on what you’ll need in addition to not missing out on future posts from

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