Ultimate Guide with MLM’s vs Affilaite Marketing

Ever wonder which is better, Multi Level Marketing (mlm’s) or Affiliate Marketing?  Both offer opportunity, and both have their pros and cons.  While both can have promise, you have to be careful what ground to tread.  The main difference between the two is that with Affiliate Marketing, you have complete control over of what to sell.  With MLM, you have to sell the products that are offered within the given MLM program.  With Affiliate Marketing you have a sense of freedom as you are for sure your own boss.  Here are some pros and cons of Affiliate Marketing to consider so you can compare for yourself.

Mlm vs affiliate marketing pros and cons

Pros of Affiliate Marketing:

  • You choose the products you want to sell
  • Once you’re experienced, you are just making it easier for potential customers to find the products that they are already searching for.
  • Most Affiliate programs are free to join.  Which is a plus for someone  just starting out.
  • No one to answer to.  You don’t have a someone above you watching what you are doing. 

Cons of Affiliate Marketing:

  • You have to find the niche product or service to sell.  While this may seem line a con, it can be an advantage as you find something that you may have some interest or knowledge in.
  • A website would have to be setup along with social media. 
  • Driving traffic to your website.  When you get enough traffic come in, then you can watch the profits come in.
  • One must do lots of research to keep on top of your game.

Now let’s talk about Multi Level Marketing and go over the pros and cons.  If you have any experience already, can you tell which is better ?

Pros of Multi Level Marketing:

For the most part Multi Level Marketing is about building a team in order to promote a product or service.

  • If are a very good sales person and you find the right people who will really work for you, you can generate sales.
  • It provides you an opportunity to enjoy residual income.
  • You can work from home or remotely
  • Plenty of support

Cons of Multi Level Marketing:

  • If you are not good at recruiting people, it’s hard to succeed with this type of business. 
  • Even if you are good at recruiting people, finding the right people is what matters.  Just trying to get people on board isn’t enough, you need those who will perform.
  • Sales can be hard if they have shipping charges that jack the price up.
  • There are often introductory fees and in some cases some products you have to purchase to get started.
  • If you are a low performer yourself and don’t work much, your upline will start to abandon you.

The main over all difference between the two is that with MLM’s, you main objective is signing people up and not selling much if any products.  Where as with Affiliate Marketing is more about the products. 

Grab your share!

It is my professional opinion that Affiliate Marketing is more advantageous than Multi Level Marketing in that as I said you have complete control and your schedule is your own without any upline influence watching over you.  Your bottom line and bank account is only of your concern and no one else’s.  You do not have to purchase a large amount of products which only really satisfies the MLM company you chose to belong to.  I can tell you this as I use to be part of an MLM and many people joined, and many people dropped out.  Now if you are one that has had great success with a MLM, that is great!  But overall, that is hard to come by.  There are people who do that sort of thing for years and never really get far and then get out after realizing all the work they are putting in and what they are ending up with. 

Yes, the profit potential, or income scale you are shown at the beginning looks lucrative and very promising with an MLM.  But, why start in the negative to try to work your way up.  Yes, that is what you are doing if you are part of an MLM that requires you to purchase a product base to get started. 

Everyone seems friendly and very supportive in the beginning.  Then when reality starts sinking in, your eyes open and no one is signing up or some drop out and little or no products are selling making you wonder why you even started.

Yes, by now, you are obviously seeing that the opinion here is siding with Affiliate Marketing over Multi Level Marketing.  Both offer benefits, both require hard work and dedication.  But one of them can negatively affect your bank account and if you are not careful, you can spend years digging yourself out a credit card black hole. 

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