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Ultimate Guide To The Benefits Over Standard Affiliate Marketing.

When It comes to benefits, we usually think of the benefits you receive as an employee of a company that one works for.  But what about affiliate marketing?  There are 2 different sides when it comes to benefits with affiliate marketing.  There’s the side that benefits you as the affiliate marketer personally and there’s the side that benefits you the affiliate marketer professionally.  What’s the difference you ask?  Simple, like working for a company, you can also reap benefits with being an affiliate marketer.  Let’s take a look:

Affiliate Marketing Benefits – Personal:

  1.  Income – The promise of lucrative income as you grow your business.
  2.  Products – Some offer their products at discounted rates to affiliate marketers.
  3.  Access – You have access to a wide range of products and programs than most people.
  4. Supplemental – Part time or full time, model your business around your needs and goals.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits – Professional:

  1.  Income – Just the same as on the personal side, the promise of income which can be used to develop and grow your business as well.
  2. Performance based – Since affiliates are only paid a commission once the desired action/sale is made, affiliates are more motivated to drive the conversion you are looking for.  This is the main advantage in affiliate marketing. 
  3. Traffic – You have access to a larger volume of web traffic with affiliate marketing.
  4. No Inventory – If you sell merchandise, you don’t have to have inventory on hand.  The company you’re “affiliated” with does all that for you.
  5. No Staffing Costs – Affiliate marketing takes the stress away from having an in-house marketing team and makes it easy to track your progress.
  6. Ease of Operation – You set your own hours, routine and strategies. 
  7. Low Cost Investment – Affiliate marketing is a low cost business opportunity.  The main thing you need is Internet Access to have a business.  The money you save in not putting into your business goes into your pocket.
  8. Marketing Kits – Most of the time the companies / vendors your affiliate with provide these, thus taking that out of your hands so you don’t have to come up with promotional materials.
  9. Work from Home – Adding to the low cost aspect, you have no rent or other related costs in operating your business from home.  You’re already paying for that anyway with your household expenses.

Fits like a glove.

Affiliate Marketing is not a one size fits all, but rather one that you decide how far to grow with it.  There are those who want to go for the gold and build an empire out of it.  There are those who only want to supplement their income and there are those who wants it to replace their full time job.  Three different concepts all very possible with affiliate marketing.  Motivation is the key factor on where you want go with it. 

Blood, Sweat and Tears.

With rolled up sleeves and perseverance, you can get there.  Hopefully no blood spilled that is 😊 Every business has it’s ups and downs, but with affiliate marketing, a lot of the sweat can be minimized as it is the easiest and quickest way to make money.  Dedication, persistence and elbow Greece goes a long way in getting you from point A to point B.  How dedicated are you to your cause.  The amount of attention you give to your business will show how much it is important to you.  Basically actions speak louder than words.  Someone who works on their business every day will reap in huge dividends than someone who only puts in 2 or 3 days a week. 

On the job training.

If you’ve never done anything like affiliate marketing before, don’t sweat it.  Neither has anyone else who is ahead of you already.  You get to learn while you earn.  It’s the best approach.  No paid trainings unless you elect to pay for premium webinars with someone who is an expert in affiliate marketing offering helpful courses.  Some companies offer FREE trainings, and some may charge too.  But usually trainings are free.  Besides, the companies want you to become successful as quickly as possible for their own sake.  So if you are offered trainings, especially through the company that you choose to be an affiliate of, take them.  You can find plenty of FREE trainings online at places like  What you do have to be careful of is the validity and quality of some trainings you find online.  Don’t be afraid to be a critic.

The C.P.B. way.

Now, if you were expecting some company paid benefits, like you had with your job, not going to happen.  Unless you allocate some funds to pay for them yourself.  This is one reason why we recommend building your affiliate business before quitting your job.  You have to be able to replace what you had.


Another attractive benefit is the availability of resources available to you as an affiliate marketer.  Your company you are an affiliate with should have quite an assortment of resources at your disposal.  You can also find them in abundance online as well.  The more resources you have access to, the more likely you’ll succeed with your business.  The trick is to rely and make use of them.  We have a FREE resource for you to make use of and that is our FREE Lessons that you can subscribe to by clicking the link below:

Another resource that I recommend is Affilorama, for which I am an affiliate of, Affilorama is one of the best places to get started with in affiliate marketing for FREE. And you surely can’t argue with that price! Sign up today at: ==>


There are many other benefits you as the affiliate marketer can incur, I just touched briefly on some of the main ones.  Everybody’s affiliate marketing business is different, but the benefits apply to most affiliates.  Obviously your main benefit is the income that you strive for. 

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