What's your strategy?

Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing Strategy For Beginners

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There are so many resources on the internet having to do with just about any topic you can imagine.  Which one would you go with?  Each niche has many resources.  With some sources not being as reliable, as there is fake content out there.  Content is more than what you write about.  It’s all the images, e-books, videos, and pages you create.  So, what is content marketing?  It’s simply using content to market your products and services that you represent. 

What is your strategy?

What is content marketing strategy?

Content strategy has to do with planning, creation and development, delivery, and authority of content.  With all of this, which leads to a clear path to marketing success.  You plan and set goals.  Create your content and deliver to your audience and make sure that the content is of authoritative quality.

Why is Content Marketing Strategy so important?

With more and more people using the internet, and the fact that the internet has made information more available, people can do their own research without the need of dealing directly with businesses or organizations.  This is why content marketing has become so important.

Here are some benefits of Content Marketing:

Content Marketing inspires brand awareness and creates demand for what you are promoting.  It also drives organic traffic to your site and brings about sales leads should they opt in to your email list.  This is why it’s also important to promote in addition to creating content on a regular basis.  It also takes time and through your efforts, you build trust with your audience.

How do you create or build a content strategy?

There are different versions of a prospect, and broken down, they are alertness, attention, choice & trustworthiness. 

With Alertness, they are aware that there is a problem but, they may not know who to turn to for a solution or even be aware of your company.

With Attention, they are aware that there is a problem and they are aware of your company but they need more information.  They should be able to get that information via your website.  Hopefully by now, they’ve subscribed to your email list.

With Choice, they are ready to make a decision, but haven’t decided which company to go with.

With Trustworthiness, these are customers that have come to learn that they can trust your company and effective content can aide in making sure they remain a long-term customer.

So, in creating a content strategy, you need to decide which of these prospect types are important for your marketing decisions.  Anyone to all four can be done. 

Your content strategy or plan should include the content you create that is needed to support specific campaigns, product launches, or anything you need to reach new audiences.  It should also apply to your blog posts or newsletters.  You want to set goals that coincide with your overall objectives.

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How do I create a content marketing plan?

Initially, content plans provide a schedule for forthcoming content work. But there’s a whole lot more to an effective content plan than just the schedule. Your plan should include goals based on time, defined workflows and much more.  Don’t underestimate your content as it’s your most vital part of what you are doing.

What you need to do is first to do a complete audit of what all you have done up to now.  All posts, promotions, what affiliate programs you have so you have a realistic conception of what you have.

You need to set your goals as I previously stated, and with your goals decide what type of content you will create.  Then decide how you will get your content noticed.  Such as social media, email campaigns, paid advertising and online bulletin boards and much more.  You should have your content auto-posted for time saving convenience. 

You should also determine how often you’ll want to publish your content.  The more often the better according to Google.

You’ll want to create a schedule and if you have a team, you’ll want to determine workflows. 

A good tool for scheduling and goal setting is Asana.com.

Set Goals and Win!

Are you conducting keyword research for trending topics?

Is this you?

Creating blog posts on a regular basis with various degrees of difficulty as you find it difficult on what to find to write about. 

If this is you, then you either do not have a plan or you are not researching to see trending topics. Your blog posts should be based upon what is trending and relate to your content marketing strategy to be effective.  A strong focus on keyword research is needed to accommodate this issue.

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Is there an answer to your content creation for your Content Marketing Strategy?

The short answer is “Yes”.  There is system that is available that will redeem your time and save you lots of headaches.  All the content you need is done for you.  And the content is niche specific.  You would have a year long list of auto-responders for your private audience / email list.  This also includes 20 article research packs for each niche. These article research packs contain paragraph ideas with research and facts listed. Users can use this as a “skeleton” for writing their own Google-friendly articles.

What is this you ask? 

The answer is AffiloJetpack 2.0.  It’s the ultimate system for affiliate marketers.

Get yours today at — https://www.affilorama.com/redirect/ajpdiscount?aff=bisky1

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