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Ultimate Guide To Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Once upon a time on a different website, when I was selling other products in a different niche, I had to communicate with the affiliate network that I was a member of because I had some questions and one of the answers I got was that a lot of people join all the programs in the network.  Well, that really hit me odd.  That may work for some, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  Let’s go over some pitfalls that you need to avoid in affiliate marketing so that you don’t fall into any pot holes and crash:

1)- Join any and all – I just briefly went over this one.  It’s not a good idea to join any and every affiliate program you run into.  One can get caught up in the excitement and lure of a program.  But, it’s best to be very picky and choose what works best for you.  Besides, some programs will drop you if you don’t perform.  Not only that, you want the most money for your efforts, program A and program B may offer the same stuff, but program B may give you a better commission.  Also, just because you’re offered a terrific commission, make sure it’s a worthwhile opportunity.

2)- Not testing products – You don’t have to buy all the products of any of the programs you get involved with, but it is a good idea to at least become familiar with them in case a potential customer has questions.  Even customers you already have may reach out to you.  Granted some programs may be next to impossible for you to test, especially if you are selling hosting.

3)- Random affiliate link posting – Avoid just randomly posting your affiliate link on social media and groups in Facebook, as you’d only be viewed as a stranger, and it would be doubtful that anyone would click on them.  Besides that is almost like spamming.  You’d be better to write posts that have these links in them as to randomly post.

4)- Appreciate your visitors – Everyone who stops by your website or blog is important to you.  This is why you are putting in all the hard work to provide for their needs.  Is this work easy, of course not.  But, if you expect to make any progress, you need to appreciate your visitors and be thankful for them.  Without them, you’re nothing.  If they reach out to you, respond back A.S.A.P.  You’re not going to make a sale with each an every visitor, but you do need to treat each one as though you are.  Your integrity is extremely vital as you want them to be able to count on you, and you want that.

5)- Not doing reviews – Big mistake, you want to do product and/or program reviews.  This is a good way to promote what you are representing.  Please don’t skip this highly proven method as it will payoff.  It’s not that hard to do.  Just review the company/program/product and report what you’ve found out about it as well as any product testing you may have done if applicable.  People are conducting research usually have their credit cards ready, so if you are not doing any reviews, you’ll be missing out.  When doing a review, you can report one of 3 different categories – 1.  It’s a scam, 2. It’s okay, ho hum, or 3. It’s 100% legitimate and worthwhile to take advantage of. 

6)- Not Cloaking Affiliate Links – This can be a mistake, now there is one exception to this rule and that is if you want your readers to know what your affiliate link is.  It is recommended to cloak them so they don’t appear ugly on your site, post or email.  I’m only mentioning this because depending upon how you are presenting your affiliate links, cloaking them may be the best thing to do.  There is more than one way to do this.  You can either use a plugin called Pretty Link or you can use Hustle, both can accommodate you in this area.  Both are available for FREE in the wordpress repository.

7)- Not working – This is a big mistake if not the biggest mistake to make.  If you are not working, people will know it.  If you stop working for a week or more and log back into your site, don’t expect results.  As you won’t have any.  Just because you built it, doesn’t mean they’ll come.   In the old days when the Internet was new, that may have worked.  You got to put in the work in order to reap your rewards.  You got to do your work on a consistent regular basis which includes promoting and posting.  A successful afflilate marketing business takes time to build, so putting your work off is only going to hurt your efforts.

8)- Be what you are not“You’ve only just begun” as the song goes, so don’t think you’ll be a Super Affiliate soon after starting.  It takes time and a lot of effort to get you to that level.  Believe me, those who are at that level have earned it.  Trying to be a Super Affiliate right away will only KILL your efforts and you’ll fall flat on your face.  You’ve got to creep before you can crawl and walk before you can run and so forth.  Very few hit it big soon out of the gate when starting.  People would rather count on those who’ve done the work and know what they are doing.  That is when you’ll start developing a loyal following and making money.  If you expect to Explode soon after you start, you’ll only end up as a dud and be disappointed.  This is one mistake that interferes with a lot of people who have good intentions and then they quit because they find it’s not as easy as they first thought.  Basically, do the work and do it well and it will pay off huge later.

9)- Duplicate content – This is a huge no no, don’t even plagiarize your content.  Google will penalize you for duplicating content and worse, if you plagiarize, you could get in big trouble and ruin all your efforts.  Also there are content websites out there for the purpose to have fully written posts for you in the niche you are using so that you can use what they have.  Up front, this seems great until you find that Google will penalize you for make use of this type of content.  Always and Always write your own content, then it’s yours and you’ll make out big time for it.

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