Ultimate Guide In Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

New to Affiliate Marketing and want to know more?  You’ve come to the right place.  Timabeck.com is all about affiliate marketing systems, and is here to help you start your journey.  A simple definition of affiliate marketing is you the affiliate agree to represent a product or program and that company rewards the affiliate based upon their performance. 

So Basically, here’s a step by step:

  1.  You sign up with a companies affiliate program
  2. You create an online presence to promote your product / program
  3. Draw visitors/customers to the company via your website / online presence
  4. The customers purchase the product / program you are promoting
  5. You get rewarded.

That is a simple out line of what it’s all about and we here at Timabeck.com are here to propel you on your way in affiliate marketing.

There are many and I do mean many affiliate programs, products, and companies out there just waiting for you to jump on board.  The problem is that it can be overwhelming and confusing.  It doesn’t have to be, and that is where we come  in.  We are here to give you a foundation and get on your way to success.

Be Diligence

You have to be careful as there are free courses out there that are actually fake and can be misleading.  Many trainings offer nothing but fluff and get you nowhere.  We offer you choices in either taking our FREE lessons and/or our Premium courses.  With our courses, you actually learn more than just the basics, we actually show you how to get started in affiliate marketing.  Consider the old general rule, “If it’s to good to be true, it probably is” meaning – avoid it at all costs.  We back our premium courses with a 30 day money back guarantee, that if you aren’t completely satisfied, you get your money back no questions asked.  After all I understand the risks and how hard it can be starting an affiliate marketing business.  We are more concerned with your success and getting you started on your journey as easily as possible.

Affiliate Marketing is made up of a the following:  Affiliates, Brands, Affiliate Networks, Agencies, Customers.

Here’s a brief description of the above:

Affiliates – You, bloggers, publishers who promote the products / programs

Brands – Companies that sell the product or service

Affiliate Networks – The system that is responsible for handling the tracking, reporting and payments to affiliates.

Agencies – Manages the day to day operations of the Affiliate programs or products.

Customers – Those who purchase the product or program

It’s basically a circle, you get started and repeat what you are doing time and time again.  Post, promote, drive traffic, make sales which is an affiliates circle of life. 

While you can have a good turnout with word of mouth advertising, having an online presence is essential to the success of an affiliate.  Many just use social media to promote, but if you want automation, then having your own website in addition to social media, is key in your success in affiliate marketing. 

We offer a FREE PDF download with a ton of information on Affiliate Marketing if you sign up for our FREE lessons.  This report will give you a good place to start on you affiliate marketing journey.  It’s a must have. 

As long as you are willing to put in the hard work, affiliate marketing is for everyone.  It is the easiest and fastest way to make money online.  With that said you

A great thing to keep in mind, with Affiliate Marketing, most of it is online and therefore the need for a face to face promotion would be not as frequent, but keep in mind, word of mouth advertising has it’s value, so if you do have an opportunity in this area, make the most of it and grab that sale!  This is where a business card would be of great value.  You should have your contact information on it as well as a website address and email.  Don’t have a business card you say, not a problem, there is a awesome website that can solve this matter for you at a very affordable price.  It’s called Vistaprint.com and I have used this site.

Pursuing Affiliate Marketing takes patience.

You have to be willing to dedicate yourself, like I have and be patience, & consistent.  This is a business, and you need to treat it like one.  It takes time and think of where you’ll be a year from now, let alone 3 to 5 years down the road if you get started today.  What you have to consider is that you have to be willing to do what others aren’t willing to do to succeed.  Success isn’t easy and it takes work.  What are you willing to do?  Stay sidelined, or work for it?  Consider t his, it’s just has hard to fail as it is to succeed, either way you have to make a choice. 

Another great suggestion, and I said it before (in another post), find a mentor, I did and it will propel you over every road block and amaze you by having a mentor.  Every time I had an issue, that issue was solved because of having a mentor.  And I do mean every time!  That’s how valuable having a mentor is.  I still to this day keep in touch with him.  You never know what lies around each corner.

The big question with affiliate marketing that many people ask is how long does it take to start making money.  The answer may surprise you.  The average time to start making money is about 1 year (online).  But this depends upon you and your situation.  When you factor in the rare face to face or word of mouth advertising and social media, it could be 3 to 6 months.  It’s all in the time and effort you put in.  You can’t compare yourself to others.  If you are selling a HOT item that is very popular and you are around the right people can make a difference. 

For more information on Affiliate Marketing and for our FREE download, get instant access by signing up for our FREE Lessons today!

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