Ultimate Guide In Comparing Your Job Versus Affiliate Marketing

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There is a vast difference between a job and an affiliate marketing career.  That difference is measured by the fact a job gives you a solid secure income with benefits right away.  At some point your income potential will be capped.  Where as with Affiliate Marketing, you may start out making little or no income until you build up your business, but there is no cap. 

What is affiliate marketing?  Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission for each sale made by driving traffic to a company’s website with your affiliate marketing id for the product or program you are promoting.

Long term, you can potentially make a more lucrative income with affiliate marketing than a safe secure job.  This is why it’s recommended to work both your job and the affiliate marketing business as a side job until you get built up to a point where you can then “loose your job”.  This is the best approach for most people.

The JOB:

A good job with benefits can be a good thing and it’s respectful.  But as things change, so does the jobs needs.  Some close, some lay off, some move, so what happens to you?  I was with a company for 17 years and one day it was like a rug being pulled out from under me as it went down.  As an employee you are not always privy to what the management and/or leadership is dealing with.  You may hear rumors which can sometimes be half-truths spread about among other employees.

With the job, you answer to your boss and follow a set daily routine and if you don’t show up for work, the consequences fall on you.

With affiliate marketing.

 During the time I worked in those 17 years, had I started an affiliate marketing business, I would have at least had something growing with me that could have provided some income.  The problem with the job is when you leave it for any reason, your pension or 401k stops growing, forcing you to roll it over into an IRA for your future.   The solution in having an affiliate marketing business, after you built it up, you have a source of income that will continue to grow with you. 

With affiliate marketing, you decide your schedule and you are the boss.  But you do have to put in the work to achieve and keep the income that you’ve earned.  The difference here is with affiliate marketing, there is no income cap as I mentioned earlier.

When your affiliate marketing business turns into a full-time gig, you would then have to pay for all the benefits you enjoyed with your secure job.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Let’s dive in to What (Really) Goes Into Affiliate Marketing That Works for more secrets on affiliate marketing. 

No time like the present


1)- Keep your job – Stay secure and continue making your employee happy.

2)- Add Side gig – Start an affiliate marketing business and develop a supplemental income.

3)- Go for the gold – Start an affiliate marketing business and grow it up to a full-time business to say good bye to your job for good.

One of the questions you have to ask yourself is how busy are you prepared to make yourself when making any of the above 3 choices?  Choices require a commitment of some degree.  If you are married you have your family to consider as you’ll be working a lot of hours.

Keep in mind that a times, you may be taking trainings to help you progress your affiliate marketing business.  This is a good thing, as the trainings are Free.

What's your strategy?

Need to have a plan.

I just gave you a rough comparison of having a job versus having an affiliate marketing business that shows the differences between the two. 

Regardless which direction you stick with, you need a plan to focus on for your future.  For the purpose of this content, I am focusing on affiliate marketing, and you need to have a Have A Key Plan For Your Affiliate Marketing Business.


Any business, job or otherwise needs a foundation.  The more durable, the better your chances.  The better your foundation with affiliate marketing, the easier your beginning will be.  Not to say you’ll get conversions right away, but it will make some differences. 

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