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Ultimate Guide For Tips On Visitor And Subscriber Retention

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Having visitors landing on your website and making use of what you have to offer is a great and exciting thing.  Especially if they subscribe to your newsletter.  It’s even better as your traffic builds.  But what is even more important is retention.  You want to keep your loyal visitors and subscribers.  Tips On Visitor And Subscriber Retention

Here are some tips to help you with retention:

Visitor retention.

1)- Exit Intent – For your pivotal pages, if people would go to leave your website, you can set up a pop-up to offer them something before they leave your website.  This is a good option to get your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter as one option.  A good plugin to accomplish this is the Hustle Plugin which is available in the wordpress repository for free.

2)- Reverse Listing – People are motivated to find the #1 listed item that you are talking about.  Starting with the lowest # on your list as like if you have a list of 10 different items and you start with #10 and work your way down to the #1 item.

3)- Internal Redirected URL’s – Have links in your posts that redirect your visitors to other posts In your blog.

4)- Content Value – Make sure that the content you are providing is accurate, true & desirable.   You want to provide content that people are looking for.  Is it worth it for someone to land on your site for what you are providing?

5)- Simple Navigation – Keep it simple for people to navigate your website with your menu.  Simple works, hard fails.

6)- Eye Catching – Include images in your posts to make them more visually appealing.  Pictures paint a 1000 words and really do have a positive impact on your content.

7)- Taglines rule – Create a catchy tagline that grabs your readers.  It adds interest to your brand.  Taglines can add to one’s motivation.

8)- Skimmable – You want to make your content easy to read and so that people can “skim” down through to what they are looking for.  If the flow isn’t easy, the reader could lose interest and leave.

These 8 tips when all implemented can really add quite an impact to your website or blog.  Keeping your visitors doesn’t have to be hard.  With a little effort, visitors will keep coming back to your site as it is professionally done and is packed with tons of great and worthwhile eye catching content. 

Now let’s go over tips on subscriber retention which is just as important:

You work very hard to create content and drive traffic to your website and your companies that you are affiliated with.  Losing your subscribers is the last thing you want to happen.

1)- Visitor retention – The 8 tips I just went over can aid in this area, as if you didn’t have a visitor appealing blog, you’d be losing visitors and subscribers.

2)- Recovery Plan – If you are considering retention recovery, it’s probably because you noticed a drop in subscriber retention.  Taking action is good and recommended.  You should identify reasons that there is a drop in your retention rate.  An effective way to help you here is customer surveys to help identify issues why you are losing retention.

3)- Educate and Help – You don’t want to just sell products and services; you want to educate your visitors about the brand or niche you are in.  The more they know, the more you’ll grow as you can both educate and help them. After all, that’s why they subscribed in the first place. You are working on building yourself up as a person of influence, so you need to be able to help them.

4)- Communication – You need to constantly communicate with your subscribers.  What’s going to happen when you’re your readers receive the last of your autoresponders?  You need to keep them engaged.  Your Subscribers is your preferred customer list.  You want them to feel that way.

5)- Strong Follow Up– You need to make sure that after someone subscribes to your newsletter.  Once someone signs up for your newsletter, your job then is to wow them.  Your first autoresponder should set the stage for what’s to come and be accompanied with some excitement and a free download.  Your first autoresponder should go out immediately after that individual signs up.

6)- Relevancy – Make sure that the content you are providing is what your audience wants.  It’s rather annoying when you find a website that’s have the content you want and it falls short of that.  If all your newsletter amounts to is the content you recently posted, then you missed the mark.  Your newsletter should be providing relevant content that would lead to empowering your audience with what they need.

7)- Accessible Customer Data – You should make sure that customer data is readily available up on request.  In the case of, One’s personal data is available upon request.  We’re not a real store, but one can request their data (if any) – check out link if interested. 

8)- Subscriber control – If it seems like one or more of your subscribers aren’t doing anything with the content you are sending them, that’s fine.  Don’t assume anything as you don’t know what their situation is and it’s not your place-to-place judgement on them.  If they don’t want what you are sending them, then it’s their job to unsubscribe, not yours.  You never know what it could be like for them a couple of years later. 

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