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Top 5 Website Design Tips And Tricks

Website design may seem intimidating to some people, while others jump on it.  Back when I started, I thought I Knew a lot about website design.  Well, I did, but not enough.  I was part of the second group, “I jumped on it”.  My websites looked good, but they weren’t good enough.  Knowing what to do in website design does make a difference.   Don’t get me wrong, I got traffic to my website / blog, just was never able to get sales.  You don’t even have to have a huge website, one to two pages is all that you need.

You can start with the KISS method.

Well, while I’m not trying to offend anyone, this method is referencing the old acronym “Keep It Simple Stupid” You really only need about 2 pages for your affiliate marketing business.  Now, it’s your website, so you decide what and how you want it.  I’m just saying that you don’t have to have this mammoth site lurking the web. 

In reference to those 2 pages you need in keeping it simple is, first, an opt in page and then a thank you page.  The Opt in page is the page where you collect the all important email address from your potential customer.  The Thank you page is the page where the free gift you offer is presented for the would be customer to download the gift.  Granted you make an offer for the gift in the opt in page first.

Some affiliate marketing programs / companies provide you a website already to go.  Those that do, may or may not require a monthly hosting fee to have it.  Thus  placing the financial responsibility in your hands to maintain to cost of the website.

Improve Load Times.

Visitors often get frustrated waiting for a website to load.  This drastically effects conversions.  You need to declutter your website paving the way to improve load times.  While I have a fast system and network, I too have a very short tolerance in waiting for a web page to load.  So if I feel that way, others do too. 

You can accomplish this in the following ways:

  • Reduce image sizes – some of your images may be too big which can have an effect. 
  • Plugins – Trash any plugins that you don’t need or don’t use.  Also reconsider their importance for those you do use.
  • Web Hosting – You may need to reconsider the web host you are using.  Perhaps it’s your host that is slowing you down.
  • The KISS method – As I said, make it easier to get from Opt in to Thank you.

Promote Brand Awareness.

It took me a while to understand this one, have social share buttons on your blog.  This way your readers can share your content without having to leave your blog.  Your bounce rate will drop if you do this.  Since they can share your content, this will give way for more traffic coming your way to your blog.  The moment someone sees your logo or company name.  Your reputation increases as you build your brand awareness.  This is important as people will be able to relate your brand with you and this is imperative as it will have a positive impact on your sales.  It would be like Oh yeah, I know who to go to for that and bang you got a sale.  This allows you to generate leads and target customers.  Which in terns generate sales.

Colors matter.

While you want your website / blog eye catching, how you do it matters.  Some colors actually turn people off.  While others do the opposite.  If your color scheme interferes with your readers ability to read your content, then “bounce” you lost a potential customer.  Do you like a bright, sunny and warm day? Or do you like a cloudy and cold day?  How does the screen you are looking at make you feel?  You always want to make sure that your text is in an opposite color from the background.  You also want to make sure that the colors you are using go together.  Would you want to view pink text on a green background?  If you pay attention to my website, you’ll notice that I am using blue at the top.  Not just any style of blue, but more towards a bright blue.  Color does make a difference.  You may have to play around until you get a color scheme that works for you.  This is ok, as long as you end up with something that works in the end.

Avoid Distractions.

You want to avoid to much clutter on your website.  If your non text areas, white space or blank areas are filled with other multimedia, then this can lead to problems.  Having to much on your page can confuse your readers.  While it is true that you want to provide your readers with options on each page, to much can cause confusion.  Most of the time, your readers would be like guided missiles looking for specific stuff as though they are mission minded.  If you present to much, your efforts could be costly to you.  Each page should be well planned to what your goals are.   By over cluttering your website, readers may end up leaving and going elsewhere.  Hence the term “bounce” out of your site.


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