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Things You Need To Know About PLR Products

Up front and straight at you, Private Label Products, whether they are Master Reseller, Private or what ever status, seems like a great deal to make use of for the affiliate marketer trying to have products to sell.  And they are a great option for marketers to have to sell to their customers.  I used to offer these types of products. I will share something of concern with you later in this post. There are many advantages  and disadvantage to offering these products.  Let’s go over them now, see below.

Advantages include:

Exclusivity – allows the marketer to offer something distinct to their customers as it was their own product based upon the terms of the license.

Wholesale – You the wholesaler, would be able to offer limited access to those willing to pay premium acquisition costs for the right to sell your brand. Thus generating more income, and intern help expose you to a wider market.

Increased Revenue – As a result of being a wholesaler and by using private labels, you’d also benefit with increased revenue.  Using private labels make it possible to attain high profit margins.  This can in tern offset minimal gains on top market brands. 

Affordability – The cost of private label products can be more affordable for your customers looking to buy what you are offering.

You’re in Control – Depending upon the license that can come along with the private label products, you can control the pricing, production & modification of these products.  You can also create your own brand name. Just be careful and follow the license guidelines.  There are different classifications as I briefly mentioned at the start of this post which includes – Resell, Master Resell and PLR Products. These types of licenses define what you can and can’t do with these types of products.

Ownership – You can claim ownership of these products depending upon the license terms.

Save Time – Instead of taking the time to create a product, you can rely on these types of products.  This is probably one of the biggest benefits ad you don’t have to go through the development and cost in creating a product.

Disadvantages include:

Company Dependent – You are dependent solely on the company that you got the product from for it’s quality and production.   You have to depend upon their word on it’s effectiveness and dependability.  And as most of these products are available at no cost to you, you incur the responsibility of what happens as a result of using or selling them.  Usually these products are available to you at no cost, with some exceptions depending upon what website you get them from.

Restrictions – Depending upon the license terms your usage can be limited on how you sell, modify and use them.  (Resell, Master Resell and PLR Products)

Upgrading – This is the most important thing I want to point out is that these products are only really good for a certain number of years before they become out of date thus making them worthless to those you offer them too.  Why offer a product for 3 or 4 years only to have to go through and replace them.  Upgrading can cost you time in always having to find a new product to “upgrade” to as the preceding product’s shelf life is nearing the end of it’s road.  Some products may seem like they would never be affected like this, but the old adage is that “nothing lasts forever”.  What would you do if you could not find an acceptable replacement?  This key feature lead to doing away with offering these types of products.  You have a lot to do as it is, rather than to be concerned about finding a reputable and effective replacement to offer your customers.  This would be my only “red flag” when it comes to offering PLR products.  But it’s a serious enough red flag to consider when it comes to the success of your business.  I no longer have to be faced with this concern and thought I would share this issue with you.

My solution:

I was nearing the end of the shelf life of one of my main products that I really put a lot of stock in and was faced with replacing it.  But then It occurred to me that 3 or 4 years from now I’d have to go through this again.  It was becoming hard to find a good replacement until it hit me.  Instead of finding another product, why not “go affiliate”.  So I switched gears as I wanted to provide the best and top notch products and programs I can for you.  So after some research, I found the perfect match to replace what I had.  So I deleted all my PLR products and switched to Affiliate products with my main affiliate program which is Affilorama.  You see, you need to be able to provide nothing but the best for your readers.  They will know if what you are offering is worth it or not.  I am sharing this with you in case you are at a place where I was and need a solution.  If you are finding that your sales are dwindling and you are no longer profiting with the products you have, then maybe it’s time for a change. exists to provide a source of help for those in affiliate marketing.  We want to be your mentor and leading you in the right direction.  If you are having a great experience with PLR products and are finding no issue, then that is great.  But this is a real concern and felt it was worth sharing as these types of products will run their course and after a while this could be something to consider.

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