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The Ultimate Guide To Blog Post Editing Tips – Part 2

Picking up where I left off, I just went over some tips that you need to keep In mind when editing posts and there are more to be aware of.  Editing is an important step when creating and updating your blog posts.  Here are some more tips not to ignore:

Don’t forget SEO – As it pertains to these parts of your post – Your post’s title and all sub headers, photo captions, the URL or permalink, image filenames and meta description.  These areas are very important in containing your keywords in improving your traffic.  I started to touch briefly on this in part 1 in some areas, but there is more to be considered here.  There is more than just writing the post when it comes to making use of good SEO for you to benefit from.  The proper lengths of your title, post and meta description does matter.  Titles should be 6 to 13 words, whereas the post should be at least 1000 words and even up to 1500 words for best search engine efficiency.  Your meta description should be between 150-160 words or about 2 sentences.  You should also include quality outbound and internal links to both websites you are mentioning if any and other posts in your blog.  This helps improve your SEO.  Making use of good or strong SEO goes a long way in improving your rankings and drawing visitors to your website.  This is not a step to take lightly.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is your best friend in aiding you in this area.  I did mention in part 1 about a plugin that we recommend in aiding you with SEO, but you should know that there are many other SEO type plugins in the wordpress repository and best of all they are free.  Either make use of the one I recommend or pick one that is of interest to you.

Become Quality obsessed – There is nothing wrong with being your own quality control agent or editor-in-chief and make sure that your posts are of top quality.  While SEO is extremely important, people can tell if you are poor with your writing skills.  You have to assume complete responsibility for your writing skills and the content that you provide.  There will be some that start reading your post and then leave due to poor writing quality and/or content value.  I’ve started many a post only to have to scrap it and start over or even change direction due to either poor quality or bad content idea.  Don’t knock it If this happens.  This is just important as good SEO as you can loose readers from having poor quality and you don’t want that. 

Proofreading – Don’t be afraid to proof read your work.  If you have to do rewrites, than all the better.  If it looks, reads and sounds lousy to you, imagine how your readers would feel after reading it?  You can’t afford that.  This matters for every part of your post.  If you have trouble coming up with a title for your post, check out thehoth.com as they have Blog Topic Generator that can be of great value to you in coming up with a title for your post.  Just look under their tools menu for this option.  Whether it is the title, subtitle, body and footer of a post, it all matters.  There’s nothing wrong with being your own critic and be critical on your work to make it right the first time.  I’ve scrapped entire posts and had to find a new topic altogether at times.  If that’s what it takes, then it’s worth it.  It doesn’t end when the post is done being initially created.  You could say that’s where it begins when it comes to the quality and other edits for your post.  Don’t be afraid to have someone else proof read it as well.  Sometimes another eye on the subject can do you a world of good.  Yes, that would take extra time, but it’s your post, your blog and your time, and your results.  If you want a free source to help you in this area, check out Grammarly which is a free addon extension for Firefox. 

Blindless Posting – If all you do is post without any edits, or SEO, tags and so fourth, you are shooting your foot in hopes of getting much traffic.  Editing your posts as I have been pointing out is essential in nailing your SEO efforts.  If all you do is meticulously make use of keywords and tags, that’s better than nothing, but the more you do, the better for you.  I recommend doing as much as you can for each post as it all matters with the end result of your receiving the traffic to your site.

Website and Emails – All these editing tips I’ve been going over don’t stop with just your blog posts, the also extend to your website/blog and your emails you send out.  If you do as I do and have new blog posts as part of your newsletters, then you’ll want to make sure that you are just as critical with them as your are everything else.  It all matters when it comes to quality, everything from the homepage, other pages, emails, & funnels, you need to be very meticulous as your efforts will show through.  I didn’t want to just focus on the posts, as it all matters.  You know it when you land on a cheezie website, your first urge is to “bounce” right off and go somewhere else.  Would you want that happening to you?  Of course not.  If you need tools to help develop your website, I have a good recommendation for you, the company is called “Themeco” and they have it all.  For more information on Themeco and what they offer, see the link below to review and/or get started.  I highly recommend Themeco and I am an affiliate with them.

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