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The Ultimate Guide To Blog Post Editing Tips – Part 1

It takes effort to write a good post with all the research, planning & editing that goes into a post.  You can’t forget about the last step, which is in fact editing your post.  I say it’s the last step, as I write all my posts through Microsoft Word until they are all done.  Why do I do that you may ask?  It makes for a good backup in case there are issues later.  Many people, like I used to, do their writing right in wordpress, and that is alright. 

Editing includes, but not limited to: uploading or copying and pasting your post, adding meta tags, images, keywords, adding any hyperlinks, categories, text style updates, and finally scheduling your post.  This takes time to undertake in getting this all done so your post can be scheduled. I schedule my posts as I always writing, so I endeavor to stay ahead of the game. 

Another reason I do my initial writing in Microsoft Word is that I concentrate my main initial efforts on article creation first and strive to get it done before I concern myself with wordpress.  That is primarily why I say editing is the last step.  This is how I chose write my posts, doesn’t mean that you have to.

Keyword Research

Here are some tips:

1) Keyword Choices – This is very important as it can drastically affect your traffic.  Please don’t skip this step, as you need to do keyword research to apply the most relevant keywords to your post to attract the traffic you are not only needing but those you want to provide the information.  Whether or not you do as I do when adding your post to wordpress, as soon as you are about finished in writing your post, you need to concentrate on keyword research.  Any image files should also contain the keywords you are using.  Your keywords should also be throughout your post and in the title if at all possible.  When I first started blogging I never went to this trouble and didn’t realize how important this step is.  This is why I listed this one first.  Want traffic?  Do keyword research.  Enter your keywords as tags in your posts.  Your tags (or meta tags) are also used as Hashtags if you are posting to Instagram.

2) Attention Getters – Images are very important as they grab your readers attention.  You’ve heard the saying “a picture paints a 1000 words”.  You want your post to make for a good read and you also want it to look good too.  Appearance matters when it comes to blogging.  I sometimes use more than one picture in my posts.  If you don’t use pictures, then all you have is an article made up of lines and lines of information.  Pictures do matter in blogging.  People remember more of what they see than what they read and hear.  Your main heading should be done in a way that catches your readers attention and include your keywords.  Examples include – “7 Tips to…” or “Ultimate guide to…” to aide in grabbing the readers attention.

3) Testing active content – You should always test your hyperlinks and any other active functioning parts of your pos such as active embeds.  Don’t ever assume that they’re good when you finish.  You could lose a sale or a sign up just because you skipped this step.

4) Social Media Settings – Make sure that if there are any settings within your post, that they are setup correctly in accordance with your intentions.  You want to be able to share your post to all of your social media accounts automatically so you are not stuck doing it all manually which is tedious and time consuming. 

5) SEO Settings – If you use an SEO Plugin, you’ll have special settings that this plugin uses to aide you in your SEO efforts.  These plugins can show you what you need to do to have your posts SEO compliant.  I use a plugin called SEOPress for this purpose.  You can find it in the wordpress repository and it’s free to use. 

6) Call to actions – Have an effective “call to action” set in your posts.  This is another item in your active content that you want to ensure that is ready to go.  Call to actions are very important an can cost you if you don’t have them set right or even available.

7) Your Edits – These tips are very important in finishing the editing process for each post you write.  As you see I didn’t count the initial creation of your post as part of the editing process.  Your edits can differ depending upon the types of plugins you use.  This is a timely process as it can take up to an hour depending on all you have going on in your post.  It can be very tempting to rush this process, but it is a very important step in finalizing your post and scheduling it for publishing.

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