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The Top Ways to Succeed in Content Marketing

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Content creation is a blogger’s life blood as it’s your single most important time-consuming responsibility.  Creating high quality content that your readers need is of paramount importance.  Let’s reveal the top ways to succeed in content marketing including these 5 Tips To Create Worthwhile Content.

1)- Know your audience – This however so simple, is very crucial. is primarily for beginners, but we are also available up to intermediate affiliate marketers.  Having this down, will make everything else fall into place.  You won’t know everyone in your audience, but you will know what your type of audience is looking for.  You want to provide the solution for their pain, basically. 

A good example is that if you know your best friend well, you’d have no problem in getting what he needs.  While your audience isn’t your best friend, the principle is the same. 

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2)- Quality and consistency – These two factors are huge in your outcome.  Nothing and I mean nothing beats quality.  If a post is poorly written, count on a bounce.  Your reputation as a blogger depends on good quality content.  You want to convey the right message with your content.  Consistency also makes a huge difference.  If you are not consistent with your posting, your followers won’t know when your next post is coming out and may miss out on something you create.  It also leads them to believe they can’t count on your information availability.  If you are not consistent, you can’t expect your content to achieve success if you are not consistent with you blogging efforts.

3)- Long term outlook – You can’t expect your content to start generating income over night.  Business building takes time.  You need to have a personal understanding that you need to give your content time on the internet and you can’t expect instant results.  Confessing, I had to learn this one myself as it can be hard to deal with at times. 

Working with a long-term focus is essential as you need to have a content calendar and promotion schedule.  Not sure what to do in this case?  I use Google Calendar to manage my content schedule and promotions.  Google Calendar is so dynamic that you can actually manage multiple calendars in cone account.  Now there are a lot of templates of content calendars available online to choose from.

4)- Send a clear message – Your readers should be able to get the point right away on what you are writing about.  You want to avoid bounces as much as possible.  There are a lot of readers who are mission minded as they will scan your post looking for something specific and if they don’t find it, they’re gone. 

5)- Reusing old content – Either by auto-resharing or by repurposing / updating old content is a very underrated hack that a lot of bloggers miss out on.  You can either have a plugin that auto-reposts old posts.  A good plugin to auto-repost your old posts is Revivepress found in the wordpress repository.  You can update old posts and reshare them when you feel they need updated.  This can happen now and then as things to change.

6)- Eye catching visuals rule – If you have eye catching work that people are attracted by in your post, or videos, you’ll notice a difference.  People love visuals in your work as like a picture paints a 1000 words.  Pictures convey a clear message in your content.  Without pictures, images and other visuals, your post would be a dry read and less attractive.  Google would even notice a difference without visuals or images.  If you look at this post, you’ll see images throughout it that apply to each section.  Never put an image or picture in that doesn’t apply to the content you are creating, as it would not make any sense.

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7)- Newsletter subscription – Offer a way for your readers to signup for your newsletter so they can stay informed for any updates and offers that you have on a regular basis.  This is important as anyone who has an interest in what you are doing would want to stay up to date with you.  You can sign up for ours at

Newsletters offer multiple forms of communication to your readers, ranging from special offers, new posts, special technics for a specific niche etc.  Your subscriber list is your private audience that you can offer private offers from time to time.

8)- Content creation struggles – Never let a dry spell with content creation get in your way.  There are lots of ways around this and you can get past this.  There’s Google Trends, for keyword research and if you area really stuck in nowhere land, there is a resource that you can use for free that will help create the content for you without having to do much research.  You would need to supply the title and keywords.  Check out for more details.  This is a very good resource and I use it too now and then.  With this resource, you’ll always be able to create content. 

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