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The Three Most Important Affiliate Marketing Success Factors

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There are different factors that contribute to a successful affiliate marketing business.  Some are more crucial than others.  What you do, does matter in the overall outcome of your business.  Whether you choose to temporarily leave out some factors or not use them at all can have an impact.  Let’s go over the 3 most important factors in the success of your affiliate marketing business.


This is the #1 most important factor in the success of your online business, whether it be affiliate marketing or not.  Without a website or blog, not taking advantage of the powerful aspect can slow your progress down.  This way your business can run without any action on your part, even while you sleep.

Your visitors can read your content, explore your site, and have access to all that you are providing them without any interaction with you.  This is HUGE in your daily operations with your website or blog. 

This gives way to collecting your readers email addresses so you can have a private audience to offer special content and offers to them that the rest of the visitors don’t have access to. 

Not having a website won’t keep you from success, but it could slow you down, which is why I am saying how crucial this factor is.  It could make the difference in how soon success comes.

With having a website or blog, you can schedule your posts and promotions to go out when you want them to and even have them scheduled ahead.

Email marketing is the key in automation that helps your website interact with your visitors and without it you’d lose this benefit.  If you haven’t added this component to your site yet, check out OptinMonster which is your best option for email marketing.  As visitors subscribe to your content, your subscribers are sent autoresponders to provide content and offers of what you are promoting.

Content Writing

Content Marketing.

This is a crucial key factor also in attracting visitors to your website as when they see your posts over social media, they can end up on your website if they are really attracted to what you are promoting.  Content is a traffic driver and comes in different forms such as your posts and any promotions you send out over social media.  Your consistent, persistent posting of content and sending out promotions will make a difference in the traffic you receive. 

The better quality of your content the better for your results, this includes your search engine rankings.  How you set up your SEO plays an important role with our content.  You may write an extremely high-quality post, but if you don’t do good keyword research and have your SEO set up well, it can be just as bad as a poorly written short post.  Your audience is smarter than you may realize and can tell the difference with your quality. 

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Content comes in different forms, such as your posts, videos, e-books, podcasts and emails that your readers have access to.  It takes time to create content no matter which form you are working with.  Without good content, there is no enticement to attract interest. 

Online Presence

Social Media Marketing.

Aside from promotions and content creation, social media is a very vital component with affiliate marketing or any other online marketing business.  Your chances are greatly increased with social media.  I like to refer to social media is like the moons that rotate around your planet or website/blog. 

Only publish the except to social media, as you want to give them just enough to pique their interest forcing them to click and land on your website, which is where you really want them to be.

With social media you have access to a ton of potential visitors to check out what you are promoting and hopefully subscribe to your newsletter.  Your visitors can even share what you are promoting so that others can see and potentially take advantage of what you offer too.

It’s recommended to have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin & Pinterest as these are very popular and would potentially drive lots of traffic your way. 

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You can also monitor any feedback about what you are promoting, your brand and any other feedback about what you are offering.


These 3 factors make up your most important factors to work together to forge ahead toward your success.  You need automation to have your website do the work for you, content to promote and social media to attract tons of potential visitors who are interested in what you have to offer.  There are other important factors to include, but these 3 are central to your cause in your success. 

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