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The Lazy SEO Beginners ‘s Way to More Traffic

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Traffic is the life blood of any blogging venture which is very essential for your business efforts.  Traffic to your social media is nice, but traffic to your website or blog is preferred.  If you traffic is low, there are ways to change that.  If you haven’t a clue on the level of traffic your website is getting, Google has a resource that is free for anyone to use and that is the Google Search Console.  Let’s expose these easy tips to bring more traffic to your site.  You’ll need to add Google Analytics plugin to your site, it’s available in the wordpress repository.

Social Media.

This one is a no brainer, posting to social media on a regular basis will bring about more traffic to your website or blog.  Just be consistent and you’ll see the difference.  As easy as this one seems to be, it’s actually an important one.  Just make sure when posting to social media that you only send an excerpt and not the whole post.  It’ll force those who are interested to click and go to your site.  You should have social media in place as soon as possible.

Blog post editing tips

Content Creation and promotion.

Creating high quality content and sharing it over social media each week will directly impact your organic traffic as will daily promotions.  Constant interaction with your readers is where it matters.  If you want activity on your website or blog, you yourself must also be active.  Activity attracts activity.  Your content should be eye catching and of high quality. 

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Good SEO.

Good content, social media, promoting along with keyword research all play an important role in driving traffic to your website or blog.  You have to be consistent and persistent in your efforts if you want your traffic to increase. 

There are now two plugins to choose from that I recommend and they are SEOPress and All in one SEO, both are very good SEO plugins to choose from.  You don’t use them together.  If you are a beginner, then I’d go with SEOPress to start with.  Both of these plugins can be found in the wordpress repository.

Along with this is effective keyword research to pick the right keywords to help not only draw organic traffic to your site, but also to know what to write about.  When you find good keywords, you effectively write only what is being searched for.

Keyword Research

Keyword tools.

You can use Google Trends, Google Search Console and for keyword research.  All three are good and I highly recommend for keyword research.  There is one other very hot tool that I recommend that will make a difference in your efforts and it’s called Affiliotools, check it out today!  I’ve just given you an arsenal that is proven to get results you need.  All these resources are free to use.  Affiliotools is brought to you by Affilorama of which is affiliated with.

With these resources, you have an upper edge on your competition.  Take advantage of them and come out in front.


You just got a bird’s eye view on what you need to make use of as the lazy way to drive traffic to your website.  I know not so lazy as there is work involved, but you have the necessary components to get-er done.

So, with this formula –

   Social Media + Content + Promotion + SEO + Keyword research = traffic

This formula can spell success for you if you are consistent about it.

Anyone beginner or not, can move forward with what I reviewed here for you.

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