Avoid Scams

How To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

We all know that there are many scams out there on just about anything including affiliate marketing. The trick is to know before hand to avoid “getting scammed”. With everyone’s intent is to make money, we can’t afford wasting time and money getting scammed. Unfortunately, there are lots of people out there willing to take advantage of anyone. Let’s go over tips on how to avoid these scams.

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process or mindset

How To Stop Struggling

Where are you at in your journey? Are you having enough with the struggle? Have you forgotten about why you are doing what you are doing? Have you ever thought about what you are thinking about? Deep, I know, but again, where are you at? Are you committed and tired or tired and not committed (any more)? We’ll go over some eye opening options to get you going again…

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Become comfortably uncomfortable

How To Face Problems In Affiliate Marketing – Part #2

Problems happen and the more you deal with them the more successful you’ll be. Consider the more successful affiliate marketers, they’ve been where you’re at, and now they are way beyond your level. If you want to get to where they are at, then quitting is not an option. You need to learn how to be wall breakers and move past any issues you encounter. Let’s dive in and expose ways to break these walls.

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Take off!

OUTAGE is over –Timabeck.com is back up

On Monday, April 5th, 2021 there was an outage with our host which resulted in many of their servers being down and some were damaged. As a result, Timabeck.com had to be down during this time.

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How To Know If Having Multi Niches Are For You

More than one niche/website sounded like a very profitable idea. Sure enough, 2 websites would open up the possibilities of more income. Consider the possibilities here. Yes, more income potential, but there are other possibilities too, let’s take a look at them and see if it fits you…

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Don't forget about your SEO

8 Tips for best SEO Affiliate Marketing

There’s more to SEO than just keywords, Eye catching headings and image files with keywords as part of the image’s filename. One thing that’s really important that you may not think plays any role in SEO is choosing the right niche for your blog or website to be part of. We’ll go over 8 tips to guide you to improve your Affiliate Marketing SEO…

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improve sales

7 tips to boost affiliate marketing sales

Selling products and programs isn’t always as easy as it seems like it should. You may thing, Oh, I can do this, or piece of cake sort of thing. We’ll expose some details that will help alleviate any issues you have…

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Sign Up!

12 Creative Ways to Solve Low Sign Ups

Collecting visitors email addresses is crucial for your online business, as without them, you’d be spinning wheels. With all that is available, this factor shouldn’t be over looked. There are 12 ways to get you around this hurdle and let’s take a look at them…

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Click to get sales

8 Tips To Convert Clicks to Sales

Sometimes after you launch a blog or website, it can take a while before you get any kind of noticeable progress. Progress comes in many different forms. Which this be the only time it would be normal to get no clicks, though it doesn’t stay that way. Done right, you should be getting clicks as your blog get’s noticed. Let’s see how to convert to sales…

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Merry Christmas!

9 Tips For A Successful Holiday Season

The closer you get to the holidays, and if you are an affiliate of any companies, you should be preparing yourself for the holidays. It doesn’t matter if you are not in a niche that has anything to do with the holidays, you should be doing something. We’ll cover some tips so that you can bring home a sleigh of sales.

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