Get Your BONUS Hotel Savings Gift Card

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Bonus Hotel Savings Card give you savings

At wide range of participating hotels as well as car rentals and other activities that you can save with your card.  Most hotels, car rentals and other activities will allow some percentage off with this card.  More information will be provided when you receive your Bonus.

Note:  After you register, you need to confirm it when you receive the initial email in your inbox asking you to confirm otherwise, your registration doesn't count.

Note: Only One Gift card to each subscriber for this special offer.

  • You'll receive your Bonus after you've completed your purchase of your hosting package
  • After you receive your Bonus from me, there will be no more emails sent from subscribing for the Bonus
  • This does not subscribe you to our FREE Lessons that we offer, you can do that anytime
  • If you subscribed but did not complete your purchase, there will be no Bonus
  • This Bonus ONLY applies to purchasing a Hosting Package with, no other options
  • You MUST puchase your hosting through my Siteground Affiliate Link to make a qualifying purchase
  • IMPORTANT: From the time you clicked on my affiliate link, you have 60 days to purchase your hosting to qualify for this BONUS. Purchases after 60 days do NOT qulaify.