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While the focus of is primarily for affiliate marketers, some of the resources we promote can also be used for non-affiliate marketers.  This part (4) is to elaborate more on those resources.

You can find resources on website design, email marketing, and themes to help build and promote your website or blog.  We offer two options for website design which includes and  Email marketing is through and Themes is through Themeco.  These are all powerful and empowering resources that most anyone can make use of.

Even some of our affiliate marketing resources can be made use by non-affiliate marketers especially when it comes to content creation.

We strive to make available resources that best fit the focus of and the needs of our readers.

Build your website

Here are those resources:

1)- Website Design.

We promote two options that are very promising to give you the type of website or blog that you envision.  They are and offers premium services and options to help you build the type of website you desire. – With you can start by creating your website for free and upgrade as you need.  If you have very little experience in website design, this is the option for you.

Both of these options offer very high-quality options for you to get the job done. 

Regardless of the number of skills and experience one has, don’t let that keep you from getting what you need.

See also themeco below.


2)- Themes.

Themes are essential to how your website will look.  If you want a little extra edge on theme creation, we have the right option for you and it’s called Themeco. 

Themeco has it’s own pagebuilder and additional plugins.

For more information and my review on Themeco.

Themeco is another option for website design, I just put it in the category of themes as that is what they focus on.

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3)- Email Marketing.

After you get your website built and ready to use, you need to be concerned about collecting your readers email addresses.  This is very essential and you need to get this in place immediately after your website is ready to launch for best results. provides the best in email marketing for your needs.

For more details on check out link below, or click the image.

Check out:


4)- Affiliate Marketing.

You are not required to take advantage of anything regarding affiliate marketing made available through unless you want to.  Some of the resources regarding affiliate marketing can be applied to non-affiliate marketers.

We do recommend as I stated previously to use’s  Content Creation section to help you with writing your blog content.

Another great resource with Affilorama is their section on Website Promotion, check it out.

There’s a lot to choose from with Affilorama, if you would like to see their complete section, check out their Free Affiliate Marketing Lessons section.  Again, you don’t have to be an affiliate marketer, and some of what they go over may be applied to what you are doing.

You may even find after a while that there are companies out there that have similar interests that you may be able to apply to what you are doing and sign up as an affiliate with those companies.  Keep that in mind as you move forward.  When you are ready for that, we are here for you.  In the meantime, and to be ahead of the game, sign up for our FREE Lesson’s newsletter for immediate access to proven methods with no obligation. 

5)- Online Statistics – This is something that you need to be concerned about for your business.  Another great resource brought to you by is their AffiloTools, it can monitor all your online activity, keywords, and can help raise your search engine rankings and more.

Check it out

Content Publishing Suggestion.

You never know when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will be down for what ever reason.  Or even other issues that makes it hard to get online.  What I suggest is when you create your blog posts, do them with Microsoft Word or some other word processing software and save them on your hard drive and/or USB Flash drive.  This way you’ll have a backup of them and you can copy and paste your post to wordpress (or other blogging platform) and finish it and publish/schedule it when you are ready.

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