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My Review Of, Affiliate Marketing and YOU

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I’ve done some reviews, more than I use to in the past.  But this one is a little different, as I am going to do something a bit off base here.  Now, before you decide to hit the eject button and catapult yourself out of here, this review is going to cover more than just  This will be especially good for you if you are someone who is new to affiliate marketing.  Now, before you start pointing fingers at me, no I am not going to just brag about my website.  That’s not what this is going to be as I am not going to “toot my own horn”.


Many visitors arrive on because of a post that was published in most cases.  But do any of them ever take the time to look around to see what the website is all about?  Many blogs share tons of useful content in the effort to win conversions and subscribers.  So, what makes so different from other affiliate marketing blogs?  Yes, we provide tons of useful content, but we don’t stop at that. also offers many valuable resources to the needs of affiliate marketers in the areas of website design, email marketing, & Tutorials (free and premium) which are all made available by the companies that I am affiliated with all for the purpose of getting affiliate marketers on a successful journey into affiliate marketing.  We believe that Affiliate Marketers are only as good as the foundation that they lay before them, hence our tag line “Learn, Earn, Realize”.

Affiliate Marketers who are beginners through Intermediate level are able to find a variety of useful content and resources through  The mission of is to support and guide affiliate marketers on a successful path in affiliate marketing.

We are affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate to help further and grow affiliate marketers to develop a successful affiliate marketing career.  Wealthy Affiliate is a really awesome company dedicated to empower affiliate marketers develop a successful business.

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About Affiliate Marketing.

With Affiliate Marketing, there’s no easier or faster method of generating income, as both access and execution is easy.  In simplistic terms, all one has to do is share their affiliate link to make a sale.  One can go as simple or complicated as they want in this business as one can go at their own pace.   After one sign’s up, they receive an affiliate link and then you’re set as far as having a business.  Some affiliate programs offer free trainings to help further along their efforts. 

With the fact that there are tons of opportunities in affiliate marketing, there is always a need for new affiliate marketers.  There is no chance of layoffs with this industry. 

If you feel that you are not good at making sales, that is fine, as you don’t have to be.  You would not be the one making sales, as your companies you are affiliated with would do that.  You would just be responsible for driving traffic to their sites.  The rest would be in your company’s hands.  That’s how easy this is.

Self Paced.

As I mentioned about self paced, you can run your business, less than part time, part time, or full time depending upon your situation.  It’s basically, what you want from it.  If you are working full time and just need a little extra money, affiliate marketing can help supply that.  If you want to expand yourself, that can be done also.  If you are looking for something BIGGER, you can go after that too!  It’s almost like the saying “one size fit’s all”. 

Expanding your knowledge.

If contemplating starting or if you want to evolve more with your existing affiliate marketing business, there are tons of free trainings you can take.  There are premium one’s available too that offer more advanced content. 

Affiliate Marketing is kind of like a self-perpetuating business.  If you want to grow, there’s a lot available to assist you on your journey.  It’s definitely not like here’s your affiliate id, good luck.

Now, don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean the business itself is self-perpetuating, I am just indicating that with effort, affiliate marketers can take advantage of all that is offered in trainings to influence growth.

Now, how about you.

Where are you at right now?  I just gave you a review of and Affiliate Marketing, now it’s time for you.  Regardless what situation you are in, you need to check out How To Turn Your Situation Into Your Solution.   There is no reason to stay stuck in the think mud spinning your wheels.  If you have lots of energy and have a can do attitude, you can do affiliate marketing.  If you take a new job, you’ll probably have to get some training and or exposure to it in order to perform at your best or work up to your best.  Affiliate marketing is no different in that respect.    The nice thing, there is no boss hovering over your shoulders making sure that you’re getting the job done.  In this case you are your own boss.  Can you do this?  Absolutely! 

Step by step.

Want to know more and start or continue your journey?  Wealthy Affiliate can get you empowered and exposed to the information that will get you going.   I did this overall review to shine a spot light on, Affiliate Marketing and YOU for the purpose of helping you to see how easy it is to both start and empower your affiliate marketing career.  If you’re ready to EXPLODE, check out our Getting Started page for more details and see what I’m talking about.

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