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I’ve been looking for something to replace my main product which was Affiliate Cash Mastery.  While it was a good product, it was out dated and needed to be replaced.  Not to mention a few others we had.  This is to make sure that we are up to date and able to provide top notch content and applications for your use.  Fortunately we were able to find Affilorama for which I am an affiliate of.

I don’t do many reviews, but what you are about to see is my review of Affilojetpack 2.0.  In short, it’s the easiest way to make an affiliate website.  Why do it alone when you can have access to something that can make all the difference.  Okay, while it is important to know about all it’s features, let me first share a little bit about it’s creator, Mark Ling.  Mark is an Online Entrepreneur based in New Zealand who is an e-marketing coach and owns 6 companies. Mark reputedly became a super affiliate internet millionaire by the age of just 21 and started his first business while in college.  Mark has a passion for teaching how to make money online to his students.

Here’s my review of AffiloJetpack 2.0, the easiest way to make affiliate websites.

Within a year, Mark was making $3,000 a week and this was while he was in College.  You would think this would be the best, and So did Mark, until a friend talked him to adding an auto-subscriber newsletter series to his websites. After a lot of work, which cost him thousands of dollars — it worked, which lead to his income soaring.

But things changed, and thanks to Google, he had a huge crash: His websites got nailed by Google, and his income took a dive.

Things didn’t look to good for Mark, and he wasn’t sure if he’d ever be able to rise up again.  Then, he decided to go for it at least with one more effort.  This time his focus was on email marketing.  And wow, did it work!

Boom!  7 Figures later, he is a super affiliate and having a much fuller life, traveling the world.  AffiloJetpack did really well and with the feedback, Mark decided to create a new version.  If you hurry now, for a limited time, I was able to claim a 25% off discount.  You better hurry though, this offer expires soon.  Check it out here –

This offer as I said is for a limited time and if you don’t act now, you’ll miss out on something that can really make a difference.

***Are you confused on how to make a money-magnet website?*** 

Here are some points to keep in mind:

Most affiliate marketers either don’ know what autoresponders are, or they don’t have them.  Thus relying and hoping that their website visitors will click on any ads or links and buying any of the products they offer.  The Real money being made is in email marketing which Mark is trying to teach about. This is why he created AffiloJetpack. 

With AffiloJetpack, I was able to choose up to 18 Jetpacks.  Each one is a website kit that has everything you need to make a website.  Has step by step instructions to get the job done.  Along with 100 emails, article research packs and more.  There is also a custom made Affilotheme and a year  of hosting for one website and more.  A win win deal to get started down the right path.

This is why I picked Affiliorama, what it provides for you to get yourself off the ground and up and running.

Want it done for you, you ask?  Sure, it comes with a website builder that will create your website for you in addition to the domain and hosting.  Talk about easy, and what a deal.  Other setups will be done as well for you including wordpress, Affilotheme, Fluttermail email account and more.  When done, you’ll have a website guaranteed to be a money magnet just like the one Mark has created.

*** Are you bored with content writing and can’t afford outsourcing? ***

So, how long would it take you to create your content, including graphics, 20 articles, up to 100 emails and a juicy ebook to offer as bait for the woodbee subscriber for your autoresponder series?  Do you have months to get it all done?  Could you afford to outsource your work?  Keep in mind the cost, not anyone has thousands of dollars laying around.  And this is just for one website, imagine doing 5 or more.  Talk about saving time and money creating a new affiliate website by using just one of the 5 Jetpacks.

***I don’t know about you, but I find that it can be time consuming creating websites***

Creating websites can take a long time and require tedious amounts of work.  Gathering content like graphics, posts, creating pages and so fourth.  One can be lead to just give up.  That is why I am very glad I discovered AffiloJetpack, because now I can do it in no more than a few hours to get a website up and running!  There is a website builder and their all-done-for-you email newsletter series, you can put together five money-making websites in a couple of days.  And this is something you can do to.

You should know, however,

 AffiloJetpack  does include one year of free website hosting for one site only.

The domain name is not included. So you should budget for up to $20 a year for this if you don’t have one already. Thankfully that is the only thing you have to buy because AffiloJetpack comes with everything else you need to make a money making affiliate website:

***Time to take action?***

If you buy AffiloJetpack, now, you’ll save 25% for a limited time.  You would be able to have five websites up and running in less than a couple of days especially if you know how to copy and paste.  I highly recommend AffiloJetpack, but ONLY if you are willing to take action now.  While it is an investment in you, if you’re not ready, you’d be wasting your money.  The cost is less than half of it’s normal price at this time.

Now, granted, this was a condensed review about Mark and AffiloJetpack, but I wanted you to see that how easy an affiliate website could be made using his application.  It doesn’t have to be all that hard and with AffiloJetpack, you can get the job done.   Go for it, click it and get the ball rolling. I’ve went over the Affilorama website and there is a wealth of information, and a good portion of what they offer is FREE. Mark and Affilorama really do have our backs.

Now if you feel that you are not ready for AffiloJetpack, I have something else for you. Check this out now.

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