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My Journey Into Affiliate Marketing And How To Stay Motivated

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Sometimes when one’s journey begins, they don’t always know the when, where, destination or outcome. This is my story. It all began unbeknown to me a long time ago, when I got involved with a company where you try to get people under you and sell products.  I don’t even remember the name anymore.  It doesn’t matter as I didn’t know what I was doing at that time anyway. 

Quite a few years later and after I got married (yay for me), we got involved with another company whit home care type products and we (My wife and I) kind of understood what we were doing.  But after a little time, there were issues that had nothing to do with us but with the group we were involved with of which handled most of the business.  Soon after that we quit and that was it or at least we thought that was it.

A short time later I discovered a health and wellness company which is a distributorship.  I quickly learned it and I was basically doing this on my own but to make that long story short, I lost my shirt on this venture and eventually quit.  Oh, and yes, I’ve been working in corporate life all this time. 

Then one foggy February eve, jokingly speaking, I was having a discussion with my oldest son on the subject of online marketing.  I was sharing with him some thoughts I had regarding starting my own online business.  With all my experience both online and personal, the type of online business ended up being a health and fitness website which was called  Within a few months was growing in popularity.

At a picnic with some friends one August evening I met someone, and was discussing with him what I was doing online, and he offered to basically be my ‘Mentor”.  And boy, the real learning began as he has quite a lot of experience in this area of online business.  I really recommend finding a mentor to help you along your journey if you can.  The right one won’t charge you and be very supportive to your cause.

 The End Of

Due to an unforeseen technical issue that brought about the demise of, I had to shut it down.  It was a kind of issue that could not be recovered from due to a change that had to be made.

A new beginning.

Before the end of, development of a new website was in process.  With all the online experience I have acquired in the past years, I decided to create an online business to teach people to make money online.  Hence the birth of  It took a while to get up and running as there was a lot that had to go into it.  There was a lot of design, and technical work involved.

After putting together the right digital product at that time, was finally officially launched.  What a day that was, and to officially christen, I had my wife launch it.  I was offering a number of digital products ranging from teaching affiliate marketing to email marketing. 

Recognizing the need for change.

About a year later, and due to some of the issue dates on the digital products, I decided to make a major change.  The problem with PLR (Private Label Rights) products is that there is an issue date and after about 2 to 3 years, they start becoming outdated.  And after all the hard work I put into this, I did not want to deal with these every 3 years or so.  I switched to Affiliate Marketing and removed most of the digital products.

The switch over took a little bit as I needed to find the right companies to be affiliated with.  After some time, we eventally became affiliated with Wealth Affiliate, as they provide a lot of content in teaching people to make money online.  As time went on, more companies were added to create a good foundation to provide to affiliate marketers. has become a hub for all things affiliate marketing providing resources covering affiliate marketing, email, website design and content creation to affiliate marketers. I was very meticulous in picking the right companies to be affiliated with as I was looking for the “best” fit, which is crucial. You don’t just want any company to be affiliated with.

The Takeaway.

Regardless where you end up online, whether it be online, digital, content or affiliate marketing, it all takes time.  Draw from your experiences.  The anchor for me was I learned “proven methods” that do work and drawing from that is proof that this is a dependable direction to proceed with.  I always put an emphasis on “foundation” which is the proven methods.  If I didn’t have this foundation, odds are that I wouldn’t be online now. 

What you offer.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to have a lot to offer, you just can’t offer everything.  You need to stay focused on a few rather than a large scale.  There is a lot to go into online or affiliate marketing.  I do offer quite a bit, but it’s all interrelated in the same niche.

Start Earning Now!

Staying motivated.

Foundation or proven methods are key.  You are taking what you’ve learned and applying them.  Any business does take time to build.  At times it can be hard and discouraging to have an online business of any kind.  As you can see, I went through quite a journey and I am still here, you have to be tough, and persistent to make it.

Your WHY is very important as to why you got involved with this kind of work as it is the fuel that keeps you going.  I admit throughout the journey, my why changed directions a couple of times but not in the direction of quitting. 


It’s okay to reevaluate your position and make appropriate changes now and then as I did.  This is a good thing and can lead to bigger and better things.

If you are new or a beginner and you are spending lots of money on your business, you could be in the wrong place.  If you are an affiliate marketer, the only fees you need to be concerned with as a beginner is any internet, website or upgrade fees necessary to further your business.  If you are paying a lot of advertising, you should at this point be concentrating on free options. 

If you are needing to pay lots of money for products, then it’s not affiliate marketing.  Some companies try to disguise themselves as affiliate marketing, so you have to be careful of that. 

Want some proven methods?

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In conclusion.

The only costly aspect of affiliate marketing is the time you put into in the beginning to prosper.  A good foundation is what is paramount as the more you know the quicker and easier you’ll grow.  Persistence, consistent dedication is the oil that gets the gears moving.

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