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Writing good content for your website does take time and it is a skill.  Done right, can make a difference.  Don’t assume that just because you can type and/or create websites that you got this down.  I can do these things too and it didn’t stop me from taking writing lessons to improve my writing skills.  There’s always room for improvement, no matter how experienced that you may be.  I’m going to expose some secrets to get you past any writing issues you may have.

1)- Take writing lessons – This one is the obvious one, that is why it’s first.  Check out this valuable resource here at Enchanting Marketing.  I highly recommend them and we’re not affiliated with Enchanting Marketing.  Some of the lessons are free in Enchanting Marketing.

2)- Cosmetics – You may learn some of this in #1 above, but you want to make sure that your content is eye catching and scannable.  You want your headings to stand out and your content to be easy to read so for those who are mission minded can find it easy to scan down through your content.  Trust me there are those like that as I am one of them. 

3)- Pick your writing style – If you are not sure of what style to use or even where to begin, check out other websites in your niche to see how they are writing.  If you find a style you like go with that.  When you find a style that fits you, stick with it as you don’t want to confuse your readers.

4)- Do drafts – I switched to creating all my posts through Microsoft Word rather than directly in wordpress.  In addition to giving you kind of like a backup copy of your work, you can make changes, as you need.  Word will give grammar notices by underlining specific words either in red or blue depending on the issue.  Then when you are done, you can copy and paste your work directly into wordpress or what ever blogging platform you are doing.

Saving time writing content

5)- Images – Don’t forget to use applicable images in your post.  I’ve seen where some use images that show details about what they are writing about.  Using images makes your content more appealing for your readers.  In some cases you can add a URL to an affiliate program to your images where they fit.  Having images in your post is more important than you may realize as they add to your content.  A good SEO plugin will look for images in your post and report if you don’t have any or enough of them.

6)- Shorter paragraphs – Having shorter paragraphs make your content easier to scan through than a huge paragraph which looks like a section of a lot of words. Some SEO plugins will even warn you if your paragraphs are to big.

7)- Other writing lessons – Another good source called, to learn how to create content for affiliate marketing.  We’re not affiliated with them.  Check them out at  This resource is pact full of empowering secrets to help you create better content.

Learning from multiple sources is a great way to have a mix of technics to build from. 

8)- Research – That dreaded “R” word we are all faced with daily it seems.  Yes, not doing enough research can affect the impact of your writing.  If you don’t do enough research, you could find yourself attempting to stretch out what you are writing just to fill space in your post.  That’s not good and doesn’t help you.  Having enough information can only fuel your efforts as you know you have what you need to write about.

Besides, not doing sufficient research can affect your reputation and you don’t want that.

Saves time and effort

9)- The need for speed – If you are in a hurry to get your content created and don’t feel you have enough time for all that research and content creation, there is a way to get around it.  But you should still follow the above tips where applicable.  There is a resource that makes use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in writing your content.  I use it now and then and I highly recommend it.  It’s called and here is one of the posts that I used to write with  How To Save Time When Writing Content.

10)- Self Examine – After you think you are finished, re-read your post back and see how it sounds.  Sometimes this can show issues with your content and you find yourself not liking what you are reading.  I do this all the time.  You’d be surprised what this can do for your content. Don’t be afraid to do this more than once.

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