High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

How To Understand High Ticket Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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If you’ve come across the topic of high ticket affiliate marketing and are wondering what it is and want to know more about it, you’ve come to the right place.  In laymen’s terms according to Timabeck.com, the short answer is that it’s the selling of high priced products or services.   There are many affiliate marketer’s that shy away from high ticket items as they fear that most people won’t go after them.  Later on I will tell you a little secret about that. 

This post is for the would be “beginner” and not for the seasoned affiliate marketer.

By definition, High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is earning commissions of $1,000 or more.  Affiliate Marketing in itself is defined as a type of performance based affiliate marketing in which affiliates are reward for each visitor or customer the affiliate drives to the merchant’s website and with an outcome of a sale.

Here’s that secret – You’re not looking for everyone to purchase the high ticket item, though you hope they will.  These items are for those who know what they can do and want the promises they offer.  These people don’t want to waste time so they make the extra sacrifice and purchase these items.  These items offer a lot to those who are really interested in them which is why they come at a high cost.

You don’t want to waste your marketing dollars on low ticket items, so you need to focus on the high ticket items with your budget. 

Now you’re probably thinking “what budget”?  Then marketing these items may not be of concern for you at this time. 

Starting out, you’re probably not going to do much advertising unless it’s free.  But as you grow, any income you divert for advertising should be saved for the high ticket items.  For low ticket items or any items you offer that are below the high ticket items, continue advertising with the methods you’ve already been using.   Basically, your money should “go where the money is”. 

Another way to look at high ticket items is to relate them in this way – they are professional people who are working for you.  You are paying them good money to work for you.  You wouldn’t put out money for just anyone.  You want the best for what you are paying for.  So any money you put out for advertising should only be for high ticket items. 

You shouldn’t avoid promoting high ticket items as you would be loosing out on the commissions they make available to you.  Starting out, you can promote these items via email and social media, so there would be no budget in this case.  You need to plan accordingly as you start growing your business.

You should promote anything you have from the companies you affiliate with as it applies to your blog or website.  You drive traffic to their websites and you get a commission for any sales generated. 

For more information on High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, you can check out google and I have saved a search here for you if you need to understand this topic beyond what I am sharing here now.  I was s only going over the basics of this topic, so check out the link if you need more on this subject.

If you really are interested in advertising, take a look at this article regarding Pay Per Click via Affilorama, which has everything you need to know:


In addition to advertising, you want to drive traffic to your website as well as the company you are representing.  Check this out:  Ultimate Guide To Building An Audience.

High Ticket Items are where the money really is and you should be vying for the items as soon as you can. 

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