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How To Turn What You Love Doing Into A Business

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There can be many business opportunities around each corner.  Sometimes they’re right under your nose.  Do you have something you are doing that you love doing?  Did you ever think about turning something you love doing into a business?  You can you know.  Perhaps maybe you are already making a few bucks now and then with it.  With the tips I’ll go over in a minute, you’ll be “in business” in no time.  You’ll want to bookmark this article as it will be your roadmap.

First thing is first.

In case you are reading this post with your cell phone, do you have a laptop or desktop computer with a printer?  A lot can be done using a computer or laptop to further your business efforts.  Here are some suggestions:

  1.  Flyers – you can create flyers with pull tabs at the bottom and place them in businesses with public bulletin boards.  It would be good if you ask for their permission to post your flyers.  You’ll have to check them now and then to see if they need replaced.  There are some templates you can use to create them with some software such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint etc.
  2. Business Cards – you can either create your own business cards with Microsoft Word or other software.  Or order online with a reputable business such as Vistaprint.
  3. Advertise online – With bulletin boards, social media forums and other online places you can advertise for FREE in some cases, some charge a fee.
Online Presence

Online Presence.

In addition to advertising online, you can go further with joining more social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Tumblr.  The more people you have access to, the further your business will go.


A step further would be to create your own website to be as a home base on the Internet thus putting your business into automation.  This is HUGE as it will make a big difference in your sales.  The key here would be to collect your visitors email addresses so your website can automatically send them private content and special offers.  You would be able to literally make money while you sleep. 

For help with collecting email addresses check out:  How To Boost Your Email List 

Don’t have a website?

If you are like many who don’t have a website, don’t let that stop you.  There are many options you have access to. 

1)- Create a website with Siteground.com – Along with their hosting, they have a lot of resources that will make a huge difference in hosting, creating and having visitors access your website daily.  Check out Siteground.com today.  After you check out Siteground.com, check out our special offer that you can take advantage of if you get your host through Siteground.com.  It’s a limited time offer.

2)- Create a FREE website – You can create your very own website for free using webstarts.com.  We highly recommend this service as we are affiliated with webstarts.com and they have quite a lot to offer.

3) Work without a website – You can do this if you want, but it won’t be with the benefits of automation.  If you go this way, check out this article on How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website.

Start Earning Now!

What’s next.

Now it’s time to promote your business.  This is where you now start getting your business known and to start pulling in sales.  So, you got yourself established online (with or without a website), you deployed your flyers, created some online advertising and even got your business cards; with or without a website, now you are promoting your business. 

As you can see that it’s not all that difficult to have an online business. 

Timabeck.com normally provides resources for affiliate marketers, but even non affiliate marketers can take advantage of some of these resources as well.  That’s why this article was created.  Now if you decide to expand and what to jump on board with affiliate marketing, you are very welcome to do so.  You can check out our Getting Started page for details.

The case for blogging.

Whether or not you’ve decided to have a website, you still blog.  Writing articles to promote your business is a great way to boost interest in your business.  It helps drive traffic your way.  So if you can add time for blogging into your business, it’s well worth your time to do so.  You can either add a blog to your website (if you create one from the above options) or you can find a free blogging site on the internet. 

Leave a comment below on what you are doing, we’d love to hear from you…

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