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How To Turn What You Love Doing Into A Business – Cont’d

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Continuing from where I left off in the previous post How To Turn What You Love Doing Into A Business, the first part gave you a blueprint how to convert what you are doing into a business, now I want to add to that and give you some more supporting information to make your startup easier to do.

First thing is first.

Doing taxes – In most cases you can use your Social Security number when doing your federal and state income taxes.  This is so unless you decide to establish an official business and go to the extent of applying for an EIN (Employer Identification Number).  This choice is up to you.

Checking Account – In addition to your personal checking account, you should open a new checking account for your new business.  You want to keep any income from your business separated from your personal account.  This is especially true if you have a job.  This way you can keep track of your income and expenses from your business.  Also, if you decide to have a free account, your business checking account should be tied to it for easy deposits and withdrawals from  If you use, you’ll want to set it up with a business account which offers you more features and it’s Free.


Your online access.

Websites and Passwords – You should create a file to keep record of all your websites and login credentials you use for your business.  The advantage of this is you have all that information in one place should you need them right away.  I highly recommend using an Excell spreadsheet for this.  Every time you would change a password or add (or replace) a website, it would be in the spreadsheet.

You’ll want to put all your credentials from social media, hosting site, websites, any sites you have to log into in the spreadsheet.

Backup your data.

This is crucial, as you don’t want to have an unexpected nightmare someday.  Flash drives or USB drives are perfect for your backups.  Just get in a habit of backing up your files on a regular consistent basis.  Bad days do happen and they will come.  You can count on it like the eventual thunderstorm that comes around.  Without a backup you would be setting yourself up for a crisis you would rather avoid.  From day one you should be doing this.  How often should you do this?  At the minimum, at least once a month.  The more backups you have the better.  This should be taken very seriously as without a good backup, you could find yourself out of business. 

You’ll want to backup your website work as well.  I highly recommend updraftplus which is a wordpress plugin you can find in the wordpress repository.  It will automatically backup your wordpress site.  Then when you are ready to backup your files, you can download to your desktop or laptop and then to your Flash drive.  Updraftplus creates 5 different categories for the backup files – database, themes, plugins, uploads & other.  You’ll want to download each one separately.  This is of course if you use this plugin.  Updraft plus also has a restore option you can use should you have to restore your files to your website.

Let's Blog!

If you blog.

If you choose to blog or create a website or at lease post content somewhere, you’ll need images which make your content more eye catching and appealing.  Everyone likes FREE stuff (with no catches), I highly recommend using a website called  They do ask for you to give credit by adding some credit to your site but it’s not mandatory. 

Creating content.

If you are new to creating content to post or share online, there are some tips to help you create professional looking content.  Your readers will be able to tell if you know what you are doing.  Instead of winging it, do some homework, check out the post below for tips to get you creating great content.

Check out:  7 Good Copywriting Tips For Beginners.

Doing Research.

Going hand in hand with creating content, is doing good research on the topic you are writing about.  The more you get in the habit of doing research, the more knowledgeable you’ll be come and the more it will show through the content you are writing.  Doing research is another crucial item in blogging.  Even if you know a lot about what you are doing, backing yourself up with research will put you on solid ground with your readers. 

Disaster Recovery

Mistakes happen.

Everyone makes mistakes and they will happen.  There are some tips you can make use of to minimize them along the way.  The following post does make references to affiliate marketing, but this post offers quite a lot of helpful tips to make use of.

Check out:  7 Tips To Avoid These Blog Startup Mistakes

In concluding, with these tips you should be in a better place in starting your new online business.  Even though is primarily for affiliate marketing, we do have a lot of resources available for non-affiliate marketers.  These resources include website design and hosting & email marketing.  We are constantly looking for suitable affiliate resources that fits the needs of our visitors.  If you would like to keep on track with what we offer, you can sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter which includes information on affiliate marketing at

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