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Have you’ve ever been up against a wall before wondering how you’d ever get past it?  Hills and valleys, walls or not, obstacles will always be around each corner.  It’s how you prepare yourself for what’s ahead that matters.  If you are ready to give up at the first or second issue that came around, then you didn’t want it bad enough.  Did you expect your endeavor to be easy?  The only thing that separates those who are successful from those who are not is the combination of knowledge and perseverance.

Recently I had an issue where was down for quite a while and it was the fault of the host site and not mine.  Issues will happen and you need to be prepared to deal with them.  I just kept working anyway.  Each issue is an opportunity to learn and grow from it.  You should love the issues you encounter for the opportunity it gives you.

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So how do you proceed?

I’ve gone over some of these before in other posts for other issues but they fit.

Research it.

Knowledge is fuel to the fire.  The more you know the more you’ll grow.  Not sure what to do about a given issue, research it.  The more knowledge and information you have on what you are doing or dealing with, the better reinforced you will be.


Make sure your backups are available on disk to be used if you have to do any restoring after you have your site back up.  You should have been creating disk backups on a regular basis to be prepared for times like this.

Issues You have or had.

Issues can be more than just your website or blog being down for a while.  There can be other miss haps that happen that cause a wall to be keeping you held back.  What if you were really sick or had an injury that kept you from your daily tasks?  Do you give up and say oh well?  Or do you push on?  Issues are like storms, you don’t know when they will come, but you can count on the fact that they will. 

As an affiliate marketer, you have access to a ton of resources that can empower you to move forward.  These resources are right in front of you.  You can access them through our Getting Started page if you already haven’t done so.  You can access it at

Need more sales?

Not having the right knowledge to a given situation can be as bad has having a real problem.  How bad do you want it?  You can’t let a wall or obstacle keep you from moving forward.  Having low sales or poor search engine rankings is another problem and If you are an Experienced affiliate and are at a place where you need to improve existing sales, and/or boost search engine rankings, there’s a way to do that too.  Check out Pathway to Passive at

If you’re a beginner, Pathway to Passive can help in giving you a blueprint in building a passive income. 

Helpful resources.

If you are still up against a wall and see no way around it.  You’d be surprised as to what you can find on as there are many “how to” videos posted there.   So, if all else fails and you can’t get through that wall, check out  I don’t want to refer to as a last resort type of solution source, but lots of solutions can be found there.

Alternative Solutions.

Sometimes when you can’t get past a wall that you are at, coming up with an alternative is your next best thing to moving forward.  Remember, it’s how bad you want to succeed that matters.  If what you are dealing with is keeping you from moving forward, then perhaps it’s time to either abandon or replace it with an alternative and move forward.  You can always set this issue aside for later if something comes around that can help solve what you were dealing with.  Remember not being able to solve an issue can be the same thing as something keeping you from succeeding and you don’t want that. 

Your Why

What is your Why?

I did a podcast on your Why some time ago, and basically you why is what guides you and cements you in your journey.  Is your why strong enough to keep you going in your journey? If you why is something like “well everyone else is doing it”, then perhaps what you are doing isn’t for you.  So, I ask you “why are you doing (what ever you are doing)?  Check out my podcast on “Your Why”. 


It can take as much as several years for an affiliate marketing business to become successful and if you are expecting things to happen overnight, well then, you better re-think your goals.  This is a very good business to get into and you do have to be dedicated and persistent for it to work out for you.  It really is about how bad do you want it?  You have before you a ton of content and resources at your disposal, so it’s up to you to expose yourself to what is available.  If you were thinking that this post would have a magical shocking solution to the problem you are facing (if you are facing one), then the solution here is what I’ve tried to point out in this post.  Basically, it’s up to you. 

The only real magical solution is your dedicated persistent attitude when pursuing this or any other business.  Are you a quitter? Or are you one who is a guided missile?  If you are the latter, then you can assume your target is already hit, just keep at it. 

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