How To Take Advantage Of Free Trainings And Why Should You Care

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While it may seem easy to do affiliate marketing and it is, the more equipped one is the better to be able to pursue affiliate marketing or any other business venture.  Affiliate marketing is just selling other people’s stuff by sharing your affiliate marketing Id so others can go to the website of the company you are representing.

Best not to assume that “you can do this” and get yourself empowered and set yourself ahead of your competition. 

Here are some free training options to take advantage of:

1)- Free Trainings – In most cases you would have to pay for trainings that other opportunities have.  This doesn’t count the premium resources that are available.  With the importance of training, and the focus of making money, it’s best to develop the best foundation you can rather than to pay for the trainings you need.  If your house is built on sand, the chances of it making it through a storm isn’t very good.  Therefore, it’s best to have a good foundation to weather you through your journey.

Trainings are self-paced taken as you can.  This is to best fit your time constraints so you can get all you need done.

As you can take as many trainings you need, there is no experience required for affiliate marketing. is affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate which provides quality proven trainings to empower affiliate marketers. You’ll start out with there initial free trainings to get you off the ground.

For more information and to gain access to proven methods, start your trainings by going to

2)- Affiliate company trainings – Some companies you affiliate with may offer some trainings that you can take advantage of them as well.  These companies want you to be well prepared as possible to represent the products and services they offer.  So, it’s to their best interest and yours to offer you free trainings.  If you are not sure if the company you are affiliated with offers any free trainings, reach out to them to inquire if they do.  If any you are affiliated with don’t offer any trainings, see #1 above as you can take advantage of those.  Some companies will offer guides with success tips to follow.  You would sign in to your affiliate account with that company and check out any trainings and tips.

3)- See how the PRO’s do it – In addition to any trainings, you can go online and research and check out other affiliate marketing websites and see how they have their sites.  You can even sign up for their newsletter just to take a peek at what and how they are offering.  Nothing saying that you have to make any purchases by doing that.  You can always unsubscribe at any time.  I’ve done this and it’s a good way to get to know that company.  You can also compare one site to another to see differences between them.

Choosing the right mentor

4)- Find a Mentor – This is huge, as finding someone “who’s been there” can be a real asset to you in your affiliate marketing journey.  A good mentor who is worth his or her weight won’t be concerned about charging you as they would rather see you succeed.  I know this because I have a mentor and after all this time we still stay in contact.  If he doesn’t hear from me in a while.  He’ll check in with me.  This is an extremely valuable option to look into.

If you are interested in finding a mentor, check out this article – How To Find Your Affiliate Marketing Mentor.


These 4 tips are very empowering and can give you the extra push you need to move forward with affiliate marketing.  Can you imagine the outcome if you took advantage of each of these items and followed through with them?

For more proven methods, go to our Getting Started page and you’ll be on your way.

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