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How To Set Goals For The New Year

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In a previous post, 8 Tips To Prepare For The New Year I went over tips to start preparing for the new year which included goal setting as one of those tips.  You should always be setting goals.  Climb one mountain, plan for the next.

Why is it important to set goals.

  1.  Goals are a roadmap towards success, like targets to point yourself in the right direction.
  2.  Goals should be written, so you can see where you are going and make changes if need be.
  3.  Goals are like targets and they help you point yourself towards real success.
  4.  Without goals, you’d be flying blind with no real target or destination.
  5.  Achieving goals requires a consistent, persistent dedicated commitment in making your dreams a reality.

Setting Unrealistic goals.

While it’s crucial to set goals, setting them to high or unrealistic can be a down fall for you as they can be worse than setting no goals at all.  Unrealistic goals can create a cascade of negative impacts on one’s life, which can consequentially impact your emotional and mental well-being.  One’s self image and general positivity can be grossly impacted.  This is also where having an extremely high IQ and a very low self esteem can cause issues as well.  It’s okay to dream big, but the problem is that you need to set realistic goals and work your way up the best way you can and not set yourself up for disappointment.  You have to realize that what may be 100% attainable for someone else may not be attainable for you.  The difference is that you have to be extremely painfully honest with yourself in setting the goals to get the job done.  You have to separate your ego and deep desire from the equation and be real with yourself.

Start your journey

Clear paths.

To avoid unrealistic goals, you need to set clear goals by keeping them attainable, realistic, and smart.  If you are new to setting goals, make smaller easier goals first.  Remember, the smallest snowball that starts down the hill is big by the time it reaches the bottom of the hill.  Setting good and realistic goals can help improve your decision making leading to a clearer path.  Setting good goals in your life will lead you to a place in life where decisions become easier.


If you have no goals, then you go through life fishtailing.  This is no different in business.  If you don’t know where you are going, then you’ll crash. 

How to set goals for the new year.

This depends upon where you’re at with blogging / affiliate marketing.  If you are one who hasn’t started but is thinking about it, then you need to come up with a set of goals to get you to become a full-time blogger.  If you have been blogging, then you need to first consider where you are at and what you want to achieve in the short term and long term.  Let’s take a look:

New Bloggers may set these types of goals:

January – Think of a blog idea & niche and brainstorm on posts and create a blog for affiliate marketing.

February – Develop an online presence and get noticed.  This will help with traffic to your site. 

March – Monetize your blog – Time to start making money.  You put a lot of time in on your blog, and you want to get paid for it right – check out How To Monetize Your Website Or Blog.

April – Research what the PRO’s are doing – This is always a good thing to do, want to do it right, do what the experts are doing. 

May – Take a blogging course – Expand your knowledge and skills and become a better blogger.

June – Sign up for a FREE Newsletter and have proven methods delivered to your inbox. 

July – Reach X number of pageviews, and X number of monthly visits

August – Find other companies to become an affiliate marketer with

September – Attend webinars or a blogging conference.

October – Attain X number of Email subscribers

November – Attain X in blogging income and reach full time blogging status

December — Review the past year and start setting goals for the new year

Goals for those bloggers who have already started:

  1. Did you reach your last goal?
  2. If not, where did you get stuck with your last goal?
  3. What should you focus your attention on in the coming year?
  4. What kept you motivated?
  5. Did you have any problems with your motivation?
  6. Looking back, could you have done better?
  7. Where do you want to go from here?
  8. Set at least 3 short term goals (to possibly help you toward a long-term goal)
  9. Keep track of your progress.

Goal Setting tools.

If you need a tool to help you set and keep track of your goals, tools for this do exist.  I have one for you that I can recommend and I do use it.  It’s called Asana, and you can use it for free.  There is even an app that you can download and use.  So, if you need something that can keep you dedicated to the process, this is the tool for you.

Improving Conversion rates.

If conversion rates is something you need to improve this year, there are some solutions for you and you don’t have to go far to get them.  I really love this company that I am an affiliate of, it’s called Affilorama and they do have it all together.  Click on the link below and the solutions you need will be revealed.

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Want more?

If you feel you’d like more resources available to you, we got your back.  Whether you are new, or one who’s been at it a while but would like more of a foundation.  Check out our Getting Started page that has 3 easy steps to follow to solidify your foundation and keep you solid in your efforts.

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