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Low to no lead generation is more common for new affiliate marketers, but as you grow your business, it becomes less and less likely.  If you’ve been gaining leads and they slowed or stopped, that could be part of a bigger problem. 

If you don’t have a website or blog, we’ll be discussing how to generate leads without a website in our next post.

One thing to consider is your keyword research and the posts you are writing.  Are you “giving them what they want?”  This can lead to a down turn in both traffic and lead generation. 

Let’s look at some issues & solutions:

1)- Lead Collection – How you are collecting your email addresses may be a problem depending upon what you are using.  If you are using an older or outdated plugin that isn’t getting much of any support anymore, could be an issue. 

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Some services have upper limits, thus inhibiting your ability to collect any further emails. 

Not clear that social media is a lead generation tool can be an issue.  Advertising or promoting on social media is effective in that you are taking advantage of their volume of traffic.

Another issue of failure to generate leads could be impacted by a number of things including your style, professionalism, attitude, and online business methods as well as your experience.  You can sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter to gain access to more proven methods.

For lead collection, there is a plugin that scares all the competition away, it’s called  I highly recommend this.

Save on Advertising

2)- Advertising costs – The cost of advertising can have a negative impact on one’s business.  If you are paying too much or avoiding advertising all together, there is a money saving solution that can improve your adverting budget, see link below for details:

Check out:  How To Save Money On Advertising

3)- Low Traffic – This is a common issue especially if you are new to affiliate marketing.  If being new isn’t the issue with you, then fear not, a lot of affiliate marketers say that generating traffic and leads is their top challenge.  Fortunately, there is a solution.  Start mastering SEO to improve your rankings on Google.  Using a good SEO plugin will really aid you in this area.  We recommend either SEOPress or All In One SEO.  Mastering SEO won’t come over night, but with a persistent effort you’ll get there.  The above 2 plugins I mentioned can be found in the wordpress repository.

4)- Site Speed – Low or poor site speed can lead to conversion and/or traffic loss.  This can happen to anyone (even me).  This can be a result of a number of factors including the files you have stored on your website.  This article on How To Improve Website Loading Speed can help you improve your sites speed issues.  I know myself, when I am on a slow loading site, I tend to go elsewhere. 

5)- Know your audience – Sounds too simple you think?  Not really, if you don’t know your audience, then you don’t know what they need and end up offering the wrong products and services.  For example – target audience is between beginner thru intermediate with a focus mainly on beginners in affiliate marketing.  When you know who you are working for, it’s easier to promote to an audience and supply their needs.  You can’t focus on everyone and everything. may seem like it’s proving a lot and we are, but it’s primarily for those starting out.

See through the lies

6)- Trust Issues – When you are new, trust is something you have to build and it does take time.  If what you are promoting seems too good to be true or it was not as promised, then that could motivate people to shy away from your site.  The old days of “build it and they will come” are over.  You have to do your best diligence in providing factual information for your audience.  Make sure that your keywords or meta tags line up with what you are writing about and/or promoting.

7)- Don’t be like RONCO – An old TV commercial, where the guy says that all you have to do is “set it and forget it” for their home appliances.  Well, your website or blog depends upon you to take care of it and nurture it.  Think of your site as a living being, if you neglect it, it will surely die.  Among other things, you need to free up old files that no longer have any use which can lead to a slowdown of your site.  This can lead to a lack of leads being generated.  Our article on How  To Improve Website Loading Speed can help you with this issue.

8)- Can your site be crawled? – Is Google able to have your site crawled? The Google Spider follows the pages in your website or blog.  By creating a sitemap, you can tell where the spiders can go to crawl your site.  There are some sitemap plugins in the wordpress repository that you can install.


These 8 tips will give you a start in helping you improve your lead generation.  You website or blog needs to be continually managed to keep it on top of it’s performance. 

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