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How To Protect Your Blog With Confidence – Part 1

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It’s interesting when it comes to the statistics concerning blog security.  I’ve done some digging and found that about slightly under 80 percent of bloggers know that they have to protect themselves online but still seem to engage in behaviors that are risky and share passwords with others.  Makes you wonder if there are those who don’t even make use of security at all when it comes to blogging.  Do you?  Care about how secure your blog is?  Should you?

Do you realize that you are under a constant threat of attack every day?  It only takes one successful attack to open your eyes.  Do you want to wait for that to happen?  Of course not I hope.   What would you do or how would you feel if one day you would go to log into your wordpress site (or any other platform) and found you could not get in?  What would you do if suddenly you noticed changes to your website or blog that you did not do?  Have I got your attention yet?  Scary right? 

Let’s say that you built this super awesome very professional looking website and you are nailing it right and left making sales and sign ups.  Then, a couple of years later, it happens.  Bang you’ve been hacked.  All that work and progress going down the drain.  This can happen, if you don’t take security seriously.

Now, if you’re thinking, why would anyone want to hack my site?  Well, there are new hackers out their cutting their teeth on sites like yours.  Just going through the ropes in improving their skills.

Don’t ever think that no one would want to hack you.  Any website or blog on the internet is a potential target.

Build your website

Site building.

If you need assistance in site building, there are some awesome tools through Affilorama that you can have free access to.  But, please don’t forget about security, I’ll go over this later but for site building check out ======= >

Types of Hackers.

Hackers have many reasons for attacking a blog or website, some do it merely just for the challenge.  I’m going to briefly go over some of the different types of hackers on the web:

  1.  White Hat Hackers – which are good guys on the Dark Web who help Gov’t and organizations finding loopholes in security
  2.  Black Hat Hackers – These are the bad guys.  These are the one’s you should be worried about.  Their motivation is purely negative and our out for money.
  3.  Gray Hat Hackers – These guys kind of like fall in between the white and black hats.  Exploitation is their game.
  4. Blue Hat Hackers – These guys are amateur’s and their motives include revenge.

There are more types, but just wanted to go over some of the main ones.  I’ve done a little research on this and wanted to share the types with you.  You really don’t want to have any doors open so that these guys can get onto your website or blog.  The subject of hacking is so serious that anyone around you could be a hacker and you wouldn’t know it and this threat is on the rise.  You need to keep all your online credentials including passwords secret and share with no one.

Third Party Companies.

One thing you should be careful with is third party companies you deal with.  If you have a plugin that you bought and it’s having issues and the only way to get it fixed is to allow the third party company to have access to your wordpress, This is a RED flag, never let companies that are third party have access to your wordpress.  This is a policy I rule with.  The solve to the situation you are dealing with is not worth the potential threat you face by letting them have access.  I had to cancel a campaign once because of a plugin issue with a third party.  Never trust third party companies unless you have absolutely no doubt in them.  The only companies that I allow access to my site is the company that hosts my site.  Once you allow someone you never met and do not know have access to your website / wordpress, you’ve opened the door to a potential hazard.


Security is an issue that should be immediately considered right from the very creation of one’s website or blog.  There should be no delay in making one’s site secure.  Whether or not your site is under construction, your site would still be a potential victim.  I highly recommend Wordfence Security plugin to protect your website or blog.  There is a FREE and PRO version.  The FREE version is very effective in protecting your site.  You can find Wordfence Security in the wordpress repository.  Don’t delay, install today.  Wordfence takes time to learn your website or blog to get to know your habits in what it calls it’s learning phase.

Think of it this way, those that attempt to hack your website, while you really care about all the work you’ve done, the hackers care too, but not about you. 

For more information about Wordfence Security, check out

There are other security plugins, but I only recommend those that I have experience with.  So, while I’ve seen many out there, Wordfence is the only one that I will recommend and by my experience, it really works and it works well! 

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