How To Promote Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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The neat thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s as simple as sharing your affiliate link so that people could get what they want of what you are promoting.  It’s that simple, but sometimes people make it harder than it is.  You do want to do more than just “share your link” over social media.  If all you do is post a link in social media, the odds of someone clicking on it dropped like a hot brick.

Promoting tips:

Instead of being like a lot who just share their links and never make any sales, consider these tips:

Blog posts.

Don’t waste your readers time, create blog posts that have a lot of worth to your readers.  Make sure that the content is relevant to your readers while you post your links.  You’ll want to make sure that your link blends into the article well.  The best way is to conceal the link by embedding it into a hyperlink so you only see something like – Click here for more details.  Now there are some cases where you’d want to display the whole link and that is so the interested customer can jot down the link for future reference.  You want your blog post to be so compelling that it highly motivates your readers to click and make a sale. 

Like Spam?

No, this isn’t that can of pink canned ham that most people really don’t go for.  Nobody like being spammed, so avoid this at all costs.  Spamming will only cause you problems and can hurt your reputation online.  If someone unsubscribes you, they’re done, plain and simple.  Spam is annoying and some brands actually hire teams to monitor affiliate blogs to make sure no one is spamming anyone or being to pushy with their links. 

Other places.

You can share your links in other pages of your blog such as the blog page itself as well as a resource or tools page that has different products listed.  You can use banners where applicable in these area.  Make it look sharp and professional.


Podcasts are another great venue to promote your affiliate links.  You can promote your links in the podcast posts as well as in the podcast area itself.  Not only that you can talk about what you are promoting in your podcast.  This is a good way to verbally promote what you are offering.


In the same manor as the podcasts, you can promote via youtube.  Putting your link in the description and talking about what you are promoting about in the video.  Youtube has an annotation feature to accommodate your affiliate link.  Talk about adding passive income.

Email Newsletters.

This one is critically important as you promote to your readers who expect more from you.  This is your private audience that you can give more content to that others won’t see or that they see first before everyone else.  This option is a must have for your blog.  If you are not capturing peoples email addresses, you are loosing out in a very important advantage for your efforts.  Check out this article on email marketing – How To Boost Your Email List.  Now, you don’t want to get into the habit of drowning your email newsletter with brand deals as they wouldn’t appreciate it.  It’s like shoving it down their throat.  So, never spam them either.  You’ll also want to auto-share your new blog posts to your email audience so they can have a firsthand look at the content you are making available.

Social media.

Have your blog posts auto-post to social media so your social media audience can have a look at what you are promoting.  Share only your Excerpt of the post thus forcing them to click on the link to be taken directly to your website to read the rest of the post, which is where you want them.  Social media great way to boost sales.  The best sites to make use of is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, & Tumblr.  Here’s a must read on promoting that will rock your world, check out the following article:

How to Make Use Of A Secret That Unlocks Traffic To Your Website

Don’t underestimate what you can do, the only reason why other people seem to do better than you is the fact that they possess knowledge that you don’t have.

The Holidays.

The holiday season is a great time to promote any specials you have with the companies you are promoting.  Be careful not to drown them as you don’t want to make it seem to obvious in what your intentions are.  After the holidays are over, it will seem like interest will slow, but soon after the new year, like maybe late January thru March a re-kindling of interest will spark as people will be looking for things again.  Timing is everything, so make sure you are following the guidelines carefully with the companies you are promoting as they occasionally send out emails with deals for you to promote.  You’ll have affiliate links, banners and other timely suggestions to make use of from your companies.

Proven methods.

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