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How To Pick The Right Affiliate Programs For Your Blog

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Everyone’s looking for the best paid affiliate marketing program.  There are some things to keep in mind when choosing a program.  First, doe sit fit within your niche?  Just because it sounds good and pays good, doesn’t mean it’s a good fit.  If your niche has to do with health and fitness, you’d be best to stay away from something like an affiliate program having to do with something like a Travel Affiliate Program.  Even if you are going to have more than one program, make sure it fits.

Take for instance, with, you’ll only find offers having to do with building websites, email marketing, passive income etc.  You wouldn’t find something about health and fitness on  You only want to partner with companies that apply to the content that you are writing about.  So, let’s go over some very hot programs and here are 3 of them:

Affiliate programs.

  1.  Fiverr – From what I’ve seen online, I’ve found that Fiverr is the overall the best affiliate program available.  The earnings for affiliates can be up to $150 CPA for every first time buyer or up to $1,000 per sale with their $10 CPA/10%.  Fiverr has a lot to offer which makes sales more likely.
  2. Clickfunnels affiliate program – Affiliates can earn a huge reoccurring on all of their top level programs and services.  Clickfunnels affiliate program offers a very generous 40% recurring commissions on all sales you the affiliate send their way.
  3. SEMRushAn SEM tool website that users can useto track keywords, conduct site audits, and view insights.  Their affiliate program is called BeRush and they offer their affiliates 40% commission.

I just gave you 3 of some of the top very hot affiliate marketing programs out there and there are a ton more.  You need to be very picky in choosing your affiliate programs.  What they pay is not enough to go by when choosing one.

Let’s Review:

Now take a look at TripAdvisor, they pay out a handsome 50% commission with a 14 day cookie duration.  Sounds great right?  Well, consider the following:

  1.  Does it fit your website? – Would someone who blogs about Fitness and Nutrition want anything to do with taking a trip?  Probably not. 
  2. The commission, 50% sounds good, but are there better?
  3. Cookie duration – To me, 14 days is SHORT compared to many others in other categories.
  4. Does it Reoccur?  – Will you get paid and get paid and get paid again and again?  Granted this is a newer trend, but one should consider this. 
  5. In Comparisons – In the same category the cookie duration of 14 days may be good. 
  6. Payout method – I prefer paypal and I do use that as a guide as much as I can unless I found an affiliate that really fits and I need it, then I’d make an exception.
  7. Conflict – You don’t want to pick one affiliate program that conflicts with another one you have which could be self defeating.  For example if one affiliate has the same options as another one you already have.  This can happen if you are not careful.
  8. Don’t be hasty – Don’t pick the first program that comes by you.  Dare to compare.

I don’t mean to intentionally pick on TripAdvisor, but I just wanted to show them as an example.  It pays you the affiliate to be choosy to benefit your bottom line.  I encourage you to take your time and research the programs you are interested in.  The more strict you are the more likely you are to be satisfied in the payouts you get when your visitors make purchases with the companies you are affiliated with.  Be true to yourself and choose wisely.

Here’s more guidance on choosing an affiliate program other than what I mentioned check out the link below which is part of Affilorama.  Don’t just go by what I recommended, there is more very useful information available.

Choosing an affiliate program:

The page/link above is just one of the many FREE and valuable resources available through Affilorama.  This is a very worthwhile resource to make use of.  I want you to be able to make the right decisions when choosing the best affiliate programs for your blog. 

You don’t want to blindly pick an affiliate program at random.  By making smart choices, your wallet or purse will thank you.  I won’t be sharing that link in any other post, so you may want to bookmark this post for future reference.

You put some thought into choosing the right niche for your blog, so you’d want to give the same kind of effort in choosing the right programs.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to all these free lessons and resources?  You can you know?  Affilorama has a FREE membership that you can sign up for.  As you can see it’s very worth having to aide you in your marketing efforts.  Lessons in choosing an affiliate program is only one example of all that is available. 

To sign up for a FREE membership with Affilorama click here –

Having the right affiliate programs and niche on your blog are just 2 more key factors you need for your blog.  There is a ton of support with Affilorama available to assist you in your efforts. 

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