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How to overcome your biggest struggle as an affiliate marketer

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Did you ever hit a wall, or wasn’t sure how to do something or get around something?  This can happen and sometimes it can be self defeating if you can’t get past it.  I had one such issue a few years ago that happened to me and because of a lack of knowledge, I was not able to get around it and ended up loosing a website that I had created.  An awful lot of hard work down the drain because I didn’t know how to prevent what happened from happening.  If you are not well prepared, anything can happen.  I’ve come along way since then, but I had to learn things the hard way and I don’t want that to happen to you.  If I would have followed some key principles, I could have avoided loosing my website.  

So how do you overcome issues like this?

First, you don’t learn the hard way like I did.

Then, consider what you’re up against and do research on it.  So, basically you should be able to solve your problems by one of two ways.

Option #1:

Do you have access to a Mentor that you can use as a “go to” person when you need help or have questions?  Mentor’s can really get you past issues quicker than you think.  If you don’t have a mentor, check this out:  How To Find Your Affiliate Marketing Mentor

Option #2:

You can take free trainings that can guide you through situations to keep you from trouble.

So, if you are asking “how do I find these free trainings?”.  Simple, you can access them by signing up for FREE Membership with Affilorama.  You can do that here ==>

With options like these, I would have never lost my website and you can prevent issues too!  Struggles don’t keep you from achieving your goals, lack of knowledge does.  The website I lost had nothing to do with, it had to do with affiliate marketing in a different niche.

So, now that you have these 2 incredibly powerful and important options, you should be able to handle anything that comes down the pike.  I do want to mention though, at the time I lost my website, I did have a mentor, but that wasn’t the problem.  The problem that I had is what I should have known before I created my website in the first place.  This is where Option #2 comes in. 

Keeping Option #2 in mind, had I kept curtain points in mind, I could have prevented the issue from happening.  The answer to that was, that I had no backups, should have limited my amount of plugins and images.  It was the overall size of the website based upon my lack of knowledge that led to it’s downfall.  I’m sharing this experience with you to try to keep you from having issues like this and to make you realize that you can overcome big struggles by being properly equipped.

See what you can prevent if you had known in the first place how to deal with something?  The key is to know before hand and not after the fact. 

Now if you are facing a major struggle now and you are thinking “how is this suppose to help me now?  Well, again, do you have a mentor?  Experienced people who can also play the role of a good mentor can be a life savor in times like these.  Find a training on the issue you are dealing with.  Trainings can also be a life savor.  The answers are there, you just have to know where to find them. 

I have two suggestions for you in finding solutions if you need them now.  The first is of course Affiliorama, where they have a ton of FREE trainings all geared to affiliate marketing and I would choose this route first.  After all you want to choose a source that is fully devoted to what you are working with.  Affiliorama is such a trustworthy source.  Check out:  ==>

They offer FREE membership which is very valuable when you are trying to save money early on in your affiliate marketing business.

Now if you can’t seem to get the help you need from Affiliorama, there is another good source that you can refer to, but I would first see if Affilorama can help you.  If you are not able to clear up your issue while using Affilorama, then your second source is  There is a ton of “how to” videos available on  You should definitely be able to get a solve from this website if you cant from Affilorama.  My concern with videos on is you can’t always depend upon the quality of the video you choose, so be careful when choosing a video to help you with your issue.  They are not all created equal when it comes to quality and expertise.

Now if you haven’t yet signed up for a FREE membership with Affilorama, now’s a great time to get that taken care of ==>  Affilorama is full of resources to aide you in your affiliate marketing business. 

If you haven’t yet signed up for my FREE Lessons, now would also be a good time to get that taken care of too! 

So, #1 – sign up for Affilorama’s FREE membership ==>

And #2 – Sign up for my FREE Lessons –

Both go together in providing you what you need as a affiliate marketer.  Remember struggles and/or obstacles are like doors with locks on them, you have to have the key to get through them and we have the keys.  Sign up today and have access to everything you need for affiliate marketing.  Don’t let todays struggles turn into tomorrows obstacles.  You can and will get past them, I know that’s why I created this website, to help people like you move forward.

Here’s to your success!

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