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How To Overcome Challenges With Your Mindset

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Everyone’s mindset is different, and one’s mindset can have an affect of the decisions you make.  The definition of mindset which is by the Free Dictionary by Farlex is “A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.” 

In one way or another everyone encounters challenges that can be that huge wall or obstacle that has to be dealt with.  One of two realities can happen:

  1.  They either blame others or even themselves and give up. Or,
  2.  They realize that it’s a challenge and they persist on working on it until it’s solved.
Follow Through

What separates those who give up from those who persist onward, is the combination of their skillset with an underlining belief that they can improve themselves and make things better.  Two many people give up when success is just right around the corner and they can’t see what they already have accomplished.

Is your mindset holding you back?  Ask yourself these 3 questions to find out:

  1.  Do you want everything to stay the same?  — Things never stay the same and change is always happening.  Prices change, the way google ranks is different than it was years ago, and you’ll always have competition.  So, regardless of your situation, change happens.
  2.  Are you too hard on yourself? – I am, but you can let this stop you, as I don’t.  You can’t compare yourself to others and feel you shouldn’t make as many mistakes.  Mistakes happen and they are how we learn.  You need to focus on improvement from where you are at rather than comparing yourself to others
  3.  Are you expecting things to happen to fast? — This is a trap that can stop you dead in your tracks.  It’ll happen when it happens and allowing your expectations to dictate can only derail your efforts.

These 3 questions in themselves comprise of a huge trap that can either make you or break you, the question to ask is are you going to let these questions hold you back like SUPER Glue? 

What you need to do is to Enjoy the journey and persist on building yourself there as the destination will be the prize that you are working towards.  Afterall, the time left after you reach the destination is shorter than experience the whole journey.

Let’s look at the above 3 questions in another way to help looking at things in a better mindset:

  1.  Instead of “wanting everything to stay the same”, ask what can you do to get yourself past the obstacles on they way?  Check out:  How Important Is A Strong Mindset?
  2. Instead of “being too hard on yourself”, Take these opportunities as ways to learn and improve yourself.  If you never made mistakes, you’d never learn.  Mistakes area actually very beneficial to your progress.
  3. Instead of “expecting things to happen too fast”, be glad that they don’t as you need the time to learn and evolve with the efforts that you are giving.  To be that better person of influence, you need to experience the journey first.
You can do this!

Reality is different from theory.

 Until you go through the experience and work towards and persevere to achieve the outcomes you desire, it’s all theory and isn’t always as easy as you would think it should be.  Person A can achieve a totally different outcome than Person’s B or C.  It’s just the way it is.  No two people are ever alike and you will get there if you persist and work hard towards your goals.

Where are you at?

1)- Are you at an obstacle or wall not sure how to get past it? Or,

2)- Are you making effort to get past the wall? Or,

3)- You gave up.  (This is still #1 above)

You see, even if you’ve given up, you are still at the wall.  That wall will be there until you persevere and get past it.  The only thing keeping you from getting past that wall is “knowledge”.  There is a way to get around it, you just haven’t figured it out yet. 

You have something that I didn’t have when I was beginning my journey and that is access to proven methods.  So, if this is you and you are about to call it quits, don’t!  Resources do exist that can help you break through that wall.  If I can do it, you can too!  Fortunately, I’m an affiliate with Affilorama and they have all you need to succeed with affiliate marketing.  Walls are made to be climbed and we have the rope to get you over that wall. 


Where are you at?

Are you a beginner struggling to make sales? Or,

Are you a beginner who is making some sales, but hasn’t quite succeeded yet?

Are you a seasoned affiliate marketer who can’t get past the point you are at and want a break through?

These ae basically the 3 areas of concern that we focus on here on and there are proven methods to get you past these walls.   If you are at any of these 3 walls, we have the keys to get you past them.  Your mindset has gotten you this far, it only needs the keys to go further.

If you are at any of these 3 points, I have a recommendation for you that can help you get empowered to get past this point.  I recommend that you sign up for our FREE newsletter and follow our easy 3 step process in gaining access to affiliate marketing methods.  (unless you’ve already done this).  I also recommend that you get the Pathway to Passive income which is great for moving forward in affiliate marketing.

Moving forward.

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See you on the other side!

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