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How To Monetize Your Website Or Blog

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Monetizing your website or blog is very important right from the start of your online presence.  One of the most important facets you must implement when starting your blog may be something you think should be put off for later.  This one thing may seem like it has nothing to do with monetizing your blog, but it does.  You should start collecting email addresses immediately when once you start providing content on your blog. 

Collecting emails.

Why is collecting email addresses right away so important?  When people start visiting your blog, that means that they have some sort of interest in your content.  By giving them a way to opt in to your newsletter, you give them an opportunity to get more from you and this is a major important part of monetization for your blog.  This is by far more important than any other facet of making money on your blog.  The longer you delay adding an Op In box on your blog, the more you are short changing yourself in this process.  You may not make any money right away, but once you have someone’s email address, it’s yours as long as they don’t unsubscribe.  It’s your private audience that you can send private offers to.

You’d want to have the opt in box on more than one page.  The more it is seen on your blog, the more likely that it will get used. 

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Other monetizing options.

Like Green?  Here is a list of options to consider selling on your website:

Digital content – audios, ebooks, videos, and apps

Charging for membership for a VIP section of a website.

Online video courses.

Advertising space on your website or running ads

Physical products – books & t-shirts

Being an affiliate of a well known company selling proven products. Selling your own products can be more profitable but it is also more complicated and more work is involved in the research, development and implementation of these.

Taking payments.

If you are going to take payments from your visitors on your website, then you’ll need to create payment buttons on your website that coincide with the products your are selling.  You’d need a service like Paypal to do this.   This is a very secure and powerful website that can help you with making money online.  They have a help section to show you how to do this.  It’s advisable to setup a business account with Paypal, even though, a personal account would suffice.  With a business account, you’d have more capabilities available to you.

Affiliate Banners.

This is another important item to include throughout your blog.  Banners from your companies that you are affiliated with.  Visitors may not always click something in your posts you write.  These banners can attract attention and give you other opportunities to make a sale.  I’ve heard some bloggers frown on having these banners on the blog sidebar, but that is prime real estate on your blog to aide you in making money. 


Okay, you may be surprised that I am mentioning this.  But it’s a good idea to offer some freebies on your blog.  Having Freebies can attract attention to your website or blog.  It can add to your popularity.  Your newsletter opt in counts as one of your freebies.  Offer a free download and give your audience something like a free ebook, or software.  This is a worthwhile enticement to your audience, but keep in mind that you don’t want to over doit. 

Special functions.

You can make use of special features or plugins to aide in catching your readers attention.  I use a plugin called Hustle as I really like this one.  Hustle does have a FREE option that is very useful.  Hustle can be found in the wordpress repository.  You can use Hustle to direct your readers attention to signing up for your newsletter, or to send to another page on your website to make a sale and so forth.

Building your site.

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