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How To Make Use Of Special Offers

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With all the content you create, promotions you do and the social media posts you send, you should also be doing special offers to your audience.  Just another way to spice up what you are making available to your audience.  Now, there are special offers, and then there are special offers and you are now thinking “what”?  He just repeated that.  There is a point there.  The way I see it there are two different kinds of special offers that bloggers can do.

These two types are 1)   Special Offers via companies, and 2) Private offers:

Special offers via companies.

These are offers that the companies that you are affiliated with that you can make available to your audience.  It’s a great way to get conversions.  Some of these offers can be very lucrative for you.  Most of the time these companies will send you an email with their latest offer that you can make use of.  If you haven’t received anything lately from the companies that you area affiliated with, you could reach out to them to see if they have any specials going on right now for you to offer your readers.

Private Offers.

These are offers that you put together to make available to your audience.  These can be from any digital products that you have to promote to your readers.  There are also other types of private offers that you can make available.  You can use incentive offers like I have, such as making an offer that if you would purchase this, you’d also get that kind of thing.  See below for a live example of what I am doing:


Limited Time Offer:

We have a very special offer for those considering Option #2 with  For a limited time only, if you purchase your host through, we’ll throw in a $300 Hotel Savings Gift card as an added bonus.  Imagine, you could take a well deserved weekend getaway.  For more details on this offer check out:  This offer is made available through and is not in any way connected to 

My affiliate link –

NOTE:  To see the post where this offer is being made available click this link:  Ultimate Options For Website Hosting. 

————————————-End of example—————————————-

Disclaimers:  (1) For the above example — As it is stated, this is a limited time offer and therefore you could actually try to take advantage of the offer and find that it’s expired. (2) This offer is ONLY for those who purchase a host through and no other way as the offer states.


This is another form of private offers that you can give your readers.  Everybody loves freebies, and the more you can give without loosing your shirt the better.  Would you like to get something free right now?  I have a present for you, click here for your gift just for reading this post.  See, this is just another way to make offers.  By the way if you haven’t yet, that offer for a free gift is for real.  Click it to claim it now, it’s truly for you.  Enjoy!

You can also offer freebies by offering a free download for signing up for your newsletter, this is the most popular OPT-IN that bloggers use.  If you are interested in providing private offers and am not sure what you can offer, there are tons of options available online. 

Best practices.

For best results, you should have your OPT-IN and Freebie links in as many pages on your website/blog as possible.  Exposure is the trick.  They can’t opt in for what they don’t see.  People love receiving free stuff and this will help in making your site very popular as the word gets out.

If you are just starting and designing your website or blog, you should plan carefully what you’ll be offering in your OPT-IN links for your newsletter.  The freebie you give with this link should be strategic as it is very important with regards to your business.

What not to do.

It is not recommended to over crowd your pages with these types of links.  Remember that you want your pages to be eye catching and professional looking.  Best practice would be like one OPT-IN for your newsletter and up to two freebie links per page.  Now, if your website or blog is all about freebies, then that is a different matter altogether.  If the freebies you offer are those that one would download, you shouldn’t offer something that doesn’t have anything to do with the business you are promoting.  As an example, you wouldn’t want to offer coupons for doggie treats if your niche is something like making money online.  Everything you offer, should be relevant to the niche you are promoting in.

Promotional Emails.

You can also send promotions to your email subscriber list.  The nice thing is if you have a automated email of your published content, your subscribers should receive those too.  Be careful of the frequency of any offers, as you don’t want to spam anyone.


There are many options as you can see with regards to giving special offers to your readers.  They are very advantageous for both you and your readers, whether it be from the companies you represent or the private offers from you.   

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