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How To Make Money Online Part Time

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You never know when a need will peek it’s head round the next corner of your life.  Ever find yourself at the point were some extra cash would really be helpful?  We all have and there is a solution for this.  Even if you have a really good job and you’re making a really good salary with good benefits, having a need for extra cash can happen.  Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “money doesn’t grow on trees”.  But, there are ways in which you can bring about some extra cash.  It takes a little work, but it can be worth the effort.

Would you be interested in something part time that you can control your own schedule with it and make some money on the side?  You don’t even have to go find a part time job, hoping to find a very flexible employer. 

All you need is to dedicate 2 hours a day at a minimum of 3 to 4 days a week and you’d be able to get started making some extra cash.  Though, the more time you can devote, the more chances of more extra cash. 

Okay by now you’re probably asking “so what is it?”  There are two words that I will give you right now that describe what I am talking about.  They are “Affiliate Marketing”.   Affiliate Marketing is the quickest and easiest way to make money online.   There’s no need to purchase any product to have on hand to sell to your prospective customers.  They simply use your affiliate link to make their purchases.  Basically, all you do is have them use your affiliate link and the rest is in your wallet or pocket book.

If you are wondering if you have the right qualifications to take on affiliate marketing, the answer is yes you do!  No experience is necessary in having an affiliate marketing business whether it be part time or full time.  You just have to have time to devote to it as I mentioned previously. 

So, what is affiliate marketing?  In layman’s terms, you the affiliate sell other people’s stuff.  Basically, you send potential customers to the website of the company you represent using your affiliate link and the rest is in your pocket.  It’s that simple.  You can stay part time for as long as you like and grow your business.  You can even build it up to a fulltime career if you like, which is up to you.

There are some prerequisites.

  • Internet connection – I say this in case you are reading this post via a mobile device.  You want to be able to have a dedicated internet connection and preferably a desktop computer or laptop.
  • Bank Account – This is necessary for when you get paid commissions.  It would be even better to also have a paypal account for your business.  Some companies accept paypal.
  • Tax payer Id – You would need to be able to provide a tax payer Id, EIN number or your Social Security number to the companies you represent.  This is for tax purposes.

The above are the 3 main necessities for diving into an affiliate marketing business whether it be part time or full.

Going forward.

Check out my post on Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business first see what you need to get started. 

Now that you have the foundation on what is needed to get started, if you want to save months getting started, and while there is no such thing as short cuts, I do have a reliable short cut for you.  Before I let you in on that secret, I do want to mention that you’ll need to have an online presence to promote your affiliate marketing business.  This is essential so as to drive traffic to your business.  Your online presence should include being part of social media like Facebook and Twitter (and others).  You should also consider having your own website which would be your “base of operations” or online store in other words.  Now if creating a website intimidates you, don’t let it, you’ll see why later. 

The most important thing about having a website and this is crucial, your online business would take on the power of automation.  This is very powerful and it can really enhance your ability to make money online. 

Where are you at this point?

Now if you are thinking “wait a minute, all I want to do is make some extra cash, this is getting complicated”.  Don’t let this intimidate you.  With what you’ll see shortly, having your own website will only take a matter of days to be up and running.  And if need be you can just start with social media for now.  See below for more.

Now if you are thinking “Great, where do I start?” That’s awesome!  See below for more.

Ready to make some extra cash.

Check this out, Pathway to Passive Income Resources brought to you by Affilorama.  I am an affiliate of Affilorama, making this available to you. Take action now and see what it is all about and click this link

Pathway to Passive Income is the right place to start when diving into affiliate marketing.  You need this as it will save you a ton of time.  The focus is of course making use with websites, but you can get by without that part if you have to.  And if not knowing what profitable niche to choose, you’ll get help with that too and many others.  This is a must have to get started.

Keep in mind.

Whether you actually do this part time or full, you are your own boss and you alone dictate your schedule, this includes when you want to take a day off.  There are plenty of free trainings available to you as an affiliate marketer, so if there is something you need to learn, that won’t be a worry for you.  

Again check out — >

Cheers to your success!

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