How To Make A Passive Income

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Everyone would like to earn passive income and that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.  So what is passive income?  Here’s a definition of passive income ad defined by

Passive income is a source of income that requires minimal effort to achieve. Income from a rental property, investments on the stock market, and participating in affiliate marketing are all examples of passive income opportunities.

Now, this is not to confuse the fact that it can take effort to get to the point of collecting a passive income.  As per the definition, there are many forms of a passive income, but for the purpose of this post, we will be focusing on affiliate marketing.

Start Earning Now!

Three points on earning a passive income:

1)- Earning a passive income online – can be accomplished by finding profitable affiliate products to sell, and by monetizing your pages.  You have to give your audience what they want.  Utilizing the right tools to earning a passive income.

2)- Generating a passive income – Choose the right topics and keywords to attract people who are more likely to buy what you are promoting.

3)- Attract more people – Using authoritative links and learn how to find out what our audience likes and needs.

While we covered the topic of earning the passive income, you need real estate to make it happen to attract those who are interested in what you are promoting so as to bring about your passive income.  There is a great resource that can help you to bring about all this for you and I will get to that shortly.

Online Presence

Three types of online presence you need:

These are the 3 best types of websites you need.

1)- Your own website – This is a must for reaping the rewards of a passive income by taking advantage of the benefit of automation.  What makes your website or blog a site that is needed besides what you personally get out of it?  With your persistent dedicated effort, you’ll become a person of influence and start having a positive impact on a lot of people.

2)- Social Media – By auto posting your content to social media, you are taking advantage of a ton of visitor traffic that can benefit you.

3)- Affiliate Marketing platforms – This is where you can find different affiliate marketing products and programs which is a must have for an affiliate marketer.  This is not really an online presence that represents you, but it is one that you can take advantage of which is a huge benefit.


A resource to make it happen:

Making use of all that I just went over combined by this powerful resource, will get you earning a passive income in no time.  This resource is for beginners and seasoned affiliate marketers who can benefit from it. 

Let’s reveal something here:

You started affiliate marketing not too long ago,

Created your niche sites and posted content,

Created your social media accounts, even made some review videos on youtube

and kept them updated regularly. You even get likes, followers and subscribers.

But still, where are the sales?

Does this sound like you?

It doesn’t have to be.  There is a resource that can change all of this.

It’s a blueprint to earn a passive income.

If you want to save you months of figuring out how to:

– create search engine optimized websites making use of SEO

– find profitable affiliate products that you can sell

– create a solid funnel that successfully moves people towards a sale

– create a successful website with high quality monetizable content that people want to share

– and more…

What is this resource?  You want it now?  It’s called Pathway to passive made available through  I highly recommend this resource as I am an affiliate member of

If you want a step-by-step blueprint for building passive affiliate income, then this resource is a must have for you. 

Get yours here:


  The more resources you have access to the better.  It takes time to acquire skills and knowledge and you should never not take advantage of what you can get access too especially for free.  If you haven’t already done so, sign up for our FREE Lessons Newsletter and gain access to more proven methods by going to our Getting Started page.  Building a foundation is key and the more solid your foundation, the better you’ll be long term.

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