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How To Know Which Type Of Blogging Is Best For You

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So, you want to be a successful blogger and make money online.  Who wouldn’t right?  It’s an amazing opportunity for those who can do it.  So, which do you want to do?  Blogging as a business, or Blogging as a job.  There is quite a difference in both of these realities.  I made my choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you.  For some, a blogging job would be better than blogging as a business.  It all depends upon what you want out of it.  Let’s look at each as a whole and see what they offer:

Professional Bloggers are primarily responsible for the following areas:

  1. Developing
  2. Writing
  3. Editing
  4. Promoting the content

The difference between bloggers who work in the job environment and those who are a personal blogger is their chain of command or structure.

Blogging as a job.

As a job, you get your paid benefits, and salary which has an income ceiling along with a work schedule.  The content you create and post, goes to the company / corporate website.  The advantage of a blogging job is that it provides a secure income unlike personal blogging.

If you are interested in getting a blogging job, you can search online at Problogger.com.

When you work for a company, the content you create becomes the property of that company in most cases.

You can also become a Freelance Blogger to get a blogging job.  This type is typically an online job.  No experience required.  Freelance blogging is a great way to get more experience and develop your skills.

If you want to reach above and beyond what a blogging job can give you, then you should continue reading.

running a blogging business

Blogging as a business.

 If you are a personal blogger, you are the CEO, Marketing manager, editor, etc.  You do everything yourself unless you reach the point of needing to outsource.  You can set your own hours.  You manage your own blog and the content you create.

Advantages of a business (at home).

  1. Don’t have to leave the house, thus avoiding bad weather.
  2. Save on gas, wear and tear on vehicle.
  3. Set your own hours.
  4. You become an expert and influencer in your niche
  5. Make money from home
  6. Help others with their goals
  7. More family time
  8. Free Trainings available

Disadvantages of a business (at home).

  1. You have to back up your own blog in case of unforeseen issues
  2.  Hard to start, hard to pursue, and have to learn to be patient. 
  3.  No Guarantees you’ll make money online
  4.  Best to peruse blogging part time at first while working full time job
  5.  Lots of skills to learn, such as SEO & website design.
  6.  Need your own computer and internet connection unlike working for a company.

 One has to remember that in any career, or job, there is always going to be advantages and disadvantages.  You have to be willing to roll with it if you want it bad enough.  Just because there are disadvantages doesn’t mean you can’t work with them and turn them into advantages.

Fuel to the fire.

If you want to be a blogger, whether it be with a company or at home, your own personal motivation is the fuel that will ignite your fire into making it happen.  Whether you’re a novice or someone who’s been blogging for a little while, there is support and trainings you can have access too if you choose to be a personal blogger from home. 

Our focus is affiliate marketing and all of our trainings and content is targeted in this area.  Check out this article – Why Work From Home Is Appealing.

There’s a growing need for bloggers for both the at-home bloggers as well as blogging jobs.  Writers are always needed to create content. 

Regardless of your experience, and whether you are a newbie or a seasoned affiliate marketer (up to an intermediate level) there is plenty of resources at your disposal.  Doors are made to be opened, so if you feel they’ve been closed, don’t worry, we have the keys. 

Ease of blogging.

The concept of blogging is rather easy.  You don’t have to be a college graduate to be a blogger.  The very basic skill you need is to know how to type.  If you’re reading this post, then you’ve already got that skill mastered well enough.  Any other skills you need, you can pick up as you go.  The biggest key that one needs is motivation.  If you have a ton of motivation, then all the doors in front of you will fly open.

Suggested reading:  The Most Underrated Skills That Will Take You To The Top Of Affiliate Marketing.

Tons of support.

This website is packed full of content to provide you all the inspiration, knowledge & motivation to get you on your journey.  Timabeck.com was created to provide the necessary tools to succeed with affiliate marketing either through the companies we are affiliated with, or the content that I provide.  You don’t have to keep searching the internet for help when it’s all right in front of you.  Timabeck.com was created by a blogger for bloggers who are primarily focused on affiliate marketing.  If you can’t find what you need on Timabeck.com, then odds are you’ll find it with Affilorama or any of the other companies that we are affiliated with.  With the companies we partner with, you have access to many resources for affiliate marketers to choose from ranging from email marketing, website design through building your affiliate marketing business.  Lot’s of time and effort was put into making Timabeck.com a one stop hub for all things affiliate marketing. 

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