How To Know If Having Multi Niches Are For You

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In the beginning of, I did have thoughts of having a second website/niche soon after launching.  In fact, I kept that option for a several months.  More than one niche/website sounded like a very profitable idea.  Sure enough, 2 websites would open up the possibilities of more income.  Consider the possibilities here.  Yes, more income potential, but there are other possibilities too.  Two or even 3 websites equal double or triple the work effort.  Yes, if each site has a blog, then there would be all the research and content creation as well as all the promotions one would have to be done.

How’s that for an opening?  I almost went for it, then it dawned on me, with my tight schedule how could I possibly have the time to put in to functionally be able to provide quality content?  Would you want to be scatterbrained?  I chose not to be. 

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So, why only one niche?

You already got a picture of why but to go deeper, you would have to divide your attention among multi niche’s which can ultimately slow you down.  So, if you did go with more than one, you’d end up finding that you’d be farther along with one niche rather than 2 or 3.  Only if perfect conditions exist should you operate in more than one niche. Such as that you don’t have a full or part time job demanding your time.  Quality content is your highest priority.

 My best recommendation is to work with only one niche starting out.  You’ll know later if having additional niches will work for you. 

But, if you must.

I’m not against the idea of more than one niche, I just don’t recommend it.  But, if you are going to do it, then duplicate how and what you are doing in each niche.  Why do it differently in each niche as that would make it harder.  Make sure you document how each niche works to make it easier when you decide to add another niche.  Buy duplicating, then in any niche’s If there are any issues, it would be easy to tweak any necessary changes.

Let’s go over some tips here to operate in more than one niche:

  1.  Multi-Niche Advantage – If one of your niche’s is failing or not doing well do to economic reasons, you have your other one’s to bank on.
  2.  Focus on your interests – If you are interested in a subject, your level of interest, is far more intense and focused.  Your quality is likely to be far better.  If you are an amateur or hobbyist, you’ll likely make up for not having any expertise or credentials that professionals have.
  3.  Building Credentials – You can create your own portfolio and pitch ideas to editors to build up your credentials as an expert.  You may or may not make any money here, but it’s a start.  Remember you are pitching to both the editor and the audience.
  4.  Niche evaluating – Make sure you examine the niche’s you are interested in to ensure that you can operate in them effectively.  You don’t want to dive in only to find yourself backing out.  But, if you have to back out, don’t be afraid to, sometimes you don’t know what you’re getting into until you do.  This is why it’s good to evaluate before and during your efforts.
  5. Quality matters – If you can’t maintain good quality content, then that is a sign to back off and drop down to less niche’s or just one niche.  Treat your audience with respect, they will see it if your quality takes a dip.
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Choosing Niches.

This is something that can be a bit of a challenge starting out.  That is unless, you already are somewhat established or have some significant interest in a particular niche.  Most aren’t that fortunate and need to make some effort in this area.  I was fortunate that I had one niche and was able to jump over to another niche with little effort. 

If you need assistance here, this powerful resource will help you find a niche.  You’ll want to be concerned if a niche is profitable.  Be honest, you’re in it for more than content creation, you’re in it to make money.

 check this out === > Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Programs.

Something else to consider, is the affiliate programs to consider being apart of when choosing a niche, this can also present a challenge.  I thought I’d add this facet was appropriate to add here.  You need one that is a good fit for the niche you choose. 

Check out:  How to Choose an Affiliate Program.


This is a business and should be treated as such.  You need to be laser focused in making your choices for the right niche and programs.  Are you at the beginning of your affiliate marketing journey and in the process of choosing a niche or two?  Or are you considering adding another niche?  What is your level of expertise?  Are you a person of influence?  These are some things you should be thinking about.  I gave you some resources to refer to on this subject.  If you would like to have access to even more resources and trainings, then I invite you to sign up for our FREE Lessons Newsletter which is packed with proven methods.  You’ll have our newsletter delivered to your inbox as well as have access to other resources that will empower you to go further.  Of these resources is a step-by-step beginners guide.  Refer to our Getting Started Page to gain access to these resources.  You can’t have to many resources at your disposal.  The more tools you have the more empowered you’ll be.  I’m an affiliate member of Affilorama and I highly recommend Affilorama as they really know what they are doing and will help you achieve what you are after.  Check out which includes 3 easy steps to gain access to all the resources you neeed.

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