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How To Know If Guest Blogging Is For You

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I have heard of the concept of guest blogging for quite some time and have never taken advantage of it.  Both on allowing someone to be a guest blogger on any blog that I’ve ever created as well as my being a guest blogger on other blogs.  I have been approached a number of times from bloggers wanting to be a guest blogger on to which I declined or never responded.

I’m very particular on the vision, mission and focus of as allowing someone else to add content to could undermine the mission.  Now that is not to say that maybe sometime in the future, I may allow someone to be a guest blogger, but that would depend on specific conditions.  This post is not an invitation for bloggers to post on but to help bloggers figure out if guest blogging is for them or not.  I am sure that guest blogging does have it’s advantages.

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Check these advantages and disadvantages out to see if guest blogging is for you:


1)- Can be lucrative – Guest Blogging can be very lucrative, but you have to be very choosy where you guest blog as it can have a bad effect on search engines.  The same goes to where you choose to be a gust blogger. 

2)- Establishes Authority – By being a guest blogger on another site, you give credibility and authority to what you represent.  In the beginning after starting a blog, it’s a normal thing not to have much traffic, and this is where guest blogging can create referrals to your site.

3)- Quality Backlinks – Guest blogging can give you lots of back links as you are taking advantage of another bloggers site and traffic.  This can also mean that you have the potential of getting new prospects and/or new customers making purchases on your site.

4)- Relationships – Blogging is about building relationships and as you associate with another blogger and write on their site, you are building a relationship that can grow and prosper.

5)- Increased skills and knowledge – It’s amazing what you can learn as a guest blogger.  You pick up new ways of doing things and you can see the different styles in other blogs.


1)- Reduction of your authority – This is a risk one takes when allowing a guest blogger on your site.  Fortunately, Google as taken steps to crack down on those who work to undermine bloggers who allow guest blogging.  This gives guest blogging a bad name, as it can be a good thing.  Some of the results include poor content which could damage your reputation.

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2)- Republishing – Some guest bloggers will republish their content on another website, this is also referred to as content syndication.  The problem with this is that you could be penalized for plagiarism.  You should have some strict Guest Blogging terms and conditions in place to help guard against issues like this.  Get to know your guest blogger and ensure that he or she is aware of your terms before letting them publish their content on your blog.

3)- Loss of commissions – You could lose out on any potential commissions with guest bloggers, as any links in their content wouldn’t necessarily go to any of the companies you represent.  And would probably not have your affiliate Id.

4)- Loss of traffic – Regardless of the quality of the guest bloggers content, you could lose out on traffic due to the post.  Either by your readers liking what they are writing about or if the content is less than the quality that you normally do.

5)- Misaligned Goals – Your guest blogger may have totally different goals than you and could end up having a negative impact on your efforts.  Why did they reach out to you in the first place?

Best recommendations:

1)- If you reach out to a blog to inquire about being a guest blogger on their site, do your research on that site and get to know that blogger first.

2)- If someone reached out to you to be a guest blogger on your site, don’t stop on just their email, they should fill out some kind of application by your design and answer questions and submit it to you.  Also, it would not be a bad idea to interview them.  Then if you are satisfied, let them be a guest blogger.

3)- If you feel uncomfortable in either case above, that is your sign to say No.

Proceeding with allowing guest blogging.

If you have chosen to allow guest bloggers to post content on your blog, then you need to do the following:

 You’ll need to “enable user registration” – Do this by going to Settings / General and selecting Enable User Registration and select the New User Default Role to be “Contributor”.  This is important as it will force your guest bloggers to submit their content for your review.  This enables you to accept or reject it.  If you don’t accept it, they will be forced to make appropriate changes and submit again until you accept it.

Note:  Do not set the new user role to anything higher than Contributor as you don’t want your guest bloggers to have a higher access to your blog with more permissions to change things.

Guest blogging a privilege.

The thing to keep in mind that in having guest bloggers on your site, is that it is a privilege and not a right.  So, if they don’t agree or abide by your terms, they can be terminated.  Make sure you clearly define your terms before starting to accept guest blogging on your site.

You being a guest blogger on another site.

What I highly recommend that you do is to have a copy of terms and conditions of the blogs you share content with.  This way you can be on top of what is expected of you.  Now change does happen and those terms and conditions can change from time to time and you should stay on top of that.

Guest blogging behaviors goes both ways.  Make sure that you keep a master copy of your content apart of what you submit for publication on the blog you are sharing with.  Even if the host requests you to make changes, make sure you have those changes saved in your master copy.  Having a master copy safe guards you in case the host would change your content and accuse you of anything and you did not do anything.  You wouldn’t thing that this could happen, but it always is best to be prepared.

I keep master copies of all my content even for my own blog as you never know when a disaster could happen.


Guest blogging can be rewarding if done right regardless if you are the gest blogger or if you allow guest blogging.  If you would like to sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter to stay updated and have access to proven methods, click this link —— >

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