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How To Know If Blogging Is For You

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While there are a ton of advantages to blogging, there are some disadvantages that go along with blogging as well.  If you are leaning in the direction of starting a blog, you need to be very serious about it.  Even doing blogging for personal use can have some draw backs.  Let’s go over some tips to see if blogging is the right choice for you:

Your Why – Why are you wanting to start blogging?  The answer to this is very important and can either make or break you.  Now blogging can be for personal reasons such as a hobby or passion.  It can also be to develop an online business.  Your why validates your efforts.  Your why is like the sling shot that gets you soaring with what are interested in.  Your why is the most important factor in knowing if blogging is right for you.  It’s like a lightning rod that hit’s you, making you unstoppable. 

Your why fuels your motivation in such a way that your desire to do it is far more powerful that leaving the house to go to work (as an example). 

How Long?

It takes time.

Blogging takes a huge amount of time and commitment.  If you’re willing to do the time, and put in all the hard work, then you’ll catch fire and reap the rewards of your efforts.  You just have to be patient during the time it takes to grow a blog.  If you want success over night, then I suggest you go to sleep and hope to dream as success from blogging doesn’t happen overnight.  You have to be committed and work hard for the outcome.  As it does take time, I highly recommend that if you are blogging as a business, that you do it part time as a side hustle while working your fulltime job.  You need the time it takes to build this business as a blogging business doesn’t get built overnight.  It takes time to evolve and amass all you need for this business.  Check out How To Face Problems In Affiliate Marketing Part 3.

Like to read.

You’ll be doing a ton of research for the content you’ll be writing.  Do you like to read?  This is the only way you’ll learn what you need to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to have a successful blogging journey. 

Site issues.

This has very little to do with the aspect of blogging itself, but does play a role.  If you host your own blog rather than using a free site, you could run into outages, both the host and website induced.  What I mean by that is that the host can have problems on their end such as a fire or you could have some problems such as having a plugin that was recently updated crashing your site.  You have to be ready for the unexpected.  It’s best to learn as much as you can.  The thing is, a lot of what you’ll learn will be “on the job” as experience is the only real teacher.  A good site host, will provide tutorials for some of the issues you’ll face. 

Your writing skills.

Now, I am not talking about your ability to use pen and paper here.  Anyone who has a computer can do some basic typing and enter commands into the web browser.  But when it comes to blog posts and blog pages, that’s a different matter.  This is when you’ll get involved with “copywriting”.  Writing good copy takes time to learn.  It makes a huge difference in your ability to get the point across to your readers.  Don’t let this scare you.  I’ve even recommended to my wife to practice blogging online with a free site such as to get the feel of blogging. 

Check out:  7 Good Copywriting Tips For Beginners

Time Crunch.

How much time do you have to devote to blogging?  How many hours daily do you watch TV?  If you say that you are too busy to blog or do other things, examine how you are using your time.  If 2 hours are spent just watching TV, that could be 2 hours that you could spend on blogging.  Now if you are truly too busy with other tasks that must be done, than that could be a factor.  Perhaps you’d need to restructure how you are using your time.  It takes time to do research, write the content, find images, and do edits for the content that you will be posting.  If you can devote at least 2 hours a night 3 to 4 days a week, that would be a start in getting your blog off the ground.  The more time you can devote, the better for your blogs success.  If you like to spend a lot of time with friends, then this could get in the way of that, it’s all about your priorities and what you want to accomplish.

Life’s Pressures.

Do you have other stuff going on that would make your devotion to blogging hard to manage?  Anything from job commitments, kids, personal interests and financial struggles can get in the way of managing what would end up being another career in developmental mode.  Can you do that?  This goes back to the time crunch aspect I just talked about. 

Your Why


You need to consider your Why as I pointed out in the beginning.  This will be your guide post as to whether or not it’s important enough for me to take it on.  Blogging isn’t for anyone, but it can be for you!  Get started today, check out our Getting Started page and never look back— >

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